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    Kyle Miller

    Desperate for Pow Tabski and myself made a early departure from Seattle to make it up to Washington pass with the early morning sun.

    The storm that hit sunday reaped havoc on the North Cascade highway leaving us both sketched and stoked on what was to come. We were able to skin from the car up to the lake in less then a hour as we watched the visability slowly deteriorate.

    We skinned up the basin aways and found a nice Southern face with no rocks poking out of the snowpack so we did a quick warm up run
    then turned our attention to this beast

    The crux looked small so we climbed up the side of the Apron to get a better look and decided to go for it.
    Tabski Bootpacking up the chute

    Tabski slaying the line

    It was steep and skinny but managable with nice stable pow, sadly the apron was the one area all day that I hit a rock.

    After that we loaded up on Calories and hit are final line of the day which was the same chute Scott and myself did a week earlier

    We summited around 4 to limited visablitiy but got some of the best turns of the day on the top

    The worst turns of the day were on the chutes apron as it was littered with rubble under six inches of fresh.

    While Climbing there were spots were the snow was waist deep it looks like highway 20 will be closing any day know.


    @Kyle Miller wrote:

    sick! :rock:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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