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    Warshington is getting hammered by rain. 10-20″ of rain. Every pass is closed for avys, mud and rock slides. Our base is washing down the flooding rivers. This should take care of the rotten layer at the bottom of the snowpack though. Really wiping the slate clean… go nature!

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    And now news that a landslide/avalanche went wall to wall on Hyak face and took out two lift towers on the Kechelus chair and knocked a house off it’s foundation… WTF? Anyone familiar with Hyak will have their minds blown by this.

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    Holy Crap!

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    Here’s another link.

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    Amazing amounts of destruction. Wonder how much more access will lose now? I’d bet there are some new ski runs cleared out after this.

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    So much for fridays Dawn plans….Good God, Hyak is now BC!

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    It’s just crazy up there. I’ll be surprized if there’s still a snowpack when this is over with.

    More bad news: Clear, warm and dry all next week. Time to go to Eastern Warshington.

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    My face is soaked 😥

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    Looks like some tweaked out weather for you NW folks. A friend in Bellingham says this is some of the most messed up weather he’s seen.

    Hope things mellow.

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    I know that I am cryin’ the blues…Best coverage on one of my favorite little stashes, and I am afraid to get too close to it. :banghead: Probably stable in places, but it would be very low angle and hardly worth the trip. But if this keeps up, some of us up here may be traveling to find usable snow. Flooding today on roads I have never seen covered in 11+ years, in Bellingham. Most field have standing water, gonna need my water wings to go to work tomorrow. 😥

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    Man – that’s really sad and f’d up :nononno:

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    Just killin’ me. I finally get a trip planned to hit the PNW and it looks like it’s shot to hell. Well for this month at least. Maybe March will be a good month???

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    Oregon has still fared pretty well (i.e. – we didn’t get that much rain and it started snowing again), so depending upon where in the Northwest you were planning, you might still be good 🙂 Looks like some high pressure is moving in now…….

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    Rode alpy on sat night and it was surprisingly good. the snow was awesome and there was still plenty of coverage.

    There was a few spots where the streams were un-covered, but overall the conditions were very nice, and it was snowing really hard all night, whoever rode sunday morning im jealous

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