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    There was a recent thread over on TGR talking about Tahoe Road Gaps so I dug this old picture up. Just thought I’d post it here too. 🙂

    Any other road jumpers out there? I’d like to do the infamous one on the way to Mt Baker someday.

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    Very nice…the fog almost makes tahoe look like baker. i know of one crew who checked out the old meyers gap this year and backed off. i think they thought the landing was too flat for their rich legs.

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    Yup, it does look reminiscent of the Baker gap. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled around Montana for potential road gap locations, but most of the roads don’t seem to get enough snow coverage or are in flat areas. Maybe Jack and I will set up the baker gap when I’m in washington around christmastime and post some ski porn here. The home run gap at baker is another classic worthy of mentioning – maybe a pic can be found online.

    The Tahoe gaps always seem like true classics. The one you posted looks like a lot of work to build.

    Is anyone getting september patches? We had flurries over the weekend in the mountains . 😀

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    we had snow around 6000 ft, but nothing was sticking until about 9000. this was in the sawtooths around the challis and stanley area. we froze camping, good thing there are natural hot tubs in the area.

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    Butryon> was that Gold Bug hot tub? I think that was the name of one I’ve been too.
    Awesome hike up into the mountains to the tubs.

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    it was about an hour or two from goldbug called Basin creek(only good when the waters low), and then we soaked at sunbeam. we tried to get to slate creek but there is a massive fire burning through the boulder whiteclouds so the road is closed. the weather was so cold that we were all alone—private tubs—they make ya drink more than usual. goldbug is the best though, i just don’t know how the riding is around there. if you know the trails in that area give me some info. i have been doing a lot of trial and error riding up there with lots of hike a bike and bomber downhills.

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    nice shots!!

    never jumped any huge roads, but we used friends used to set up a gap jump near Syracuse U, @ this park with a huge hill. what a rush! it looks sick, but it was quite easy, just needed speed.

    damn, nice throwback, even the clothes trigger memories

    do you know where Sedway is these days?


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    @jimfish wrote:

    do you know where Sedway is these days?


    still in Tahoe (in the phonebook).

    ps. glad you liked it.

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