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    Just curious if anyone is going to be around and would want to go for a run on Tom (if it’s looking stable) or something like Table Mountain or the Mammoth Crest (if things are not so stable)? I’ll be up in Mammoth with my wife, but I’m pretty sick of in-bounds riding… I’ll pack my shovel, saw, beacon, and probe for pit measurements, but I’m hoping things will be stable enough on most aspects that a simple column or layer inspection will be satisfactory.

    PM if interested.

    Also, midweek trips to Baldy/San Gorgonio are not out of the question, especially if some more snow falls on Baldy. Used to be a Wednesday tradition for me… would love to get up there and start getting back into mean skinning shape. Hell, maybe I’ll go tomorrow morning before my wife and I leave for Mammoth.

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