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    Hello all.

    Just bought Prospector Split Without Kit
    Then I need buy bindings.
    I’ve read couple threads in this forum and seems make a decision to buy Afterburners, although I wanted to buy a Karakoram..
    But looks like Spar better than Karakoram now..

    It is my first split so I wonder – what exactly I should buy next – bindings, skins, crampons ?
    what specific model for my splitboard ?

    Thanks for advance !

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    the K or spark choice is personal – i’ve only used sparks and i have been happy with them…

    in terms of what to buy next, bindings and skins are essential – crampons can wait, but you can’t tour without skins and binders…

    good luck and welcome to the forum!

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    Thank you !

    I am from Ukraine so sorry for my bad English.

    I just wanted to know what exactly should I buy, because I bought splitboard _without Voile kit_ so it seems that I need this kit too ?
    or spark afterburner sold with this kit ?

    I need buy online all necessary stuff and deliver it to my city, so I want choose all things and just buy them and then will see how to deal with them )

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    If you buy either the Karakorams or the new Spark Magneto systems, they will come with all the hardware you need (like heel risers and touring brackets, etc) EXCEPT for the Voile pucks. You don’t need a full Voile Universal kit or anything that elaborate, just a set of Voile pucks and screws, which you should be able to buy separately.

    If you want to be safe and get a nice reliable, time-tested set of skins, just get a set of the Voile Tractor skins. They are the same as the Black Diamond Ascention skins. Not the lightest or best gliding, but super durable and with plenty of traction. If you want to add a set of Spark tail clips, I can certainly recommend them, though they are not strictly necessary.

    Have fun with it.

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    Thank you, Philip !

    So, correct me if I’m wrong.
    I need for ride mode:
    1) Spark AfterBurner

    2) Voile Splitboard Hardware Puck Set

    and Skins and Tailclips ( )

    maybe something else for tour mode ?

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    Your list looks good. That should be all you need for tour and ride modes as far as the board is concerned. I assume you also have a set of collapsible ski or trekking poles for touring up, avalanche gear, and a backpack to carry it all.

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    Thank you again )
    I already have all other avalanche and backcountry stuff.

    I wish you all a good season !

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    Either one would work. The canted model is new and does not seem to be in stock now anyway. No one here rides the new canted yet as far as I know, we are all on the original non-canted pucks. The new canted ones would be cool to try for certain stances though.

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    Thank you.
    You are right – I can’t find them to buy..

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    I have 3 sets of Voile Universal Pucks Sets (Pucks, Gaskets and Screws). Each set for $40 dollars plus shipping (within CONUS only). Payment via PayPal only. PM me for details

    One set is Grey and the other two sets are Black.

    Also I have new heel risers (single bale) for $25.00.

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