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    I got some thoughts on splitting one of my boards, It’s quite pricey to get a new split, so I might go DIY way 🙂

    If there’s any way to keep ability to change my stance? Or at least angles.
    I got some boards and stance really different, from 21/-3 to 57/54. I’d like keep that ability to change my angles in future, or depends on my needs.

    I believe with Voile DIY kit I need to drill holes to one stance, and won’t be able to change it in future, without drilling extra holes. May be there’s any binding system that allow to change angle on DIY splits?


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    If you use Voile universal pucks with DIY inserts, you will be able to still rotate the pucks and adjust your stance. Also, Karakoram bindings will allow you to rotate their mounting plates. In both sases, you would need to mount the DIY inserts exactly using factory splitboard spacing (the Voile pucks are less finicky in the required positions).

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    Karakoram bindings look good. Seems to be the idea I want, but they’re quite pricey 😳
    DIY with karakoram is $400+ on ebay, and Voile kit is around $100. It’s only kit, but I have some binders laying around to use with Voile.

    BTW, Voile discs and pucks are made from plastic, right? Anyone had troubles with them?

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    A few guys have reported pucks shifting, or even breaking. I think they may be tall/big guys that ride way harder than I do. If you keep your bolts snug, the Voiles are a well tried and tested system that will be reliable for 99% of riders. The plastic doesn’t attract snow and ice like the Kram metal parts do. I have owned both and prefer Spark bindings with Voile pucks, but the debate rages on…

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    Check out the Prowder System.

    They are ‘pucks’ which can be mounted on both split and solid hole patterns and have received mixed reviews on this forum. Boneless said with ‘creative filing,’ he got them to work with DIY slider plates.

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    Exactly what I need.
    The thread need more photos, but this seems what I need, as long as it works with Voile sliders.

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