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    So I picked up last year modle of the Ride EX binding. I set them up and got a chance to ride them today.

    They are a great binding, They are almost 2 inches thinner then my flows so you dont grind or hit the inside straps when touring. they also dont sit as high due to the aluminum constructon and are also lighter. The Toe cap is nice cuz you can keep the toe of your boot closer to the toe ramp whitch helps ALOT when touring. With how narrow they are you can control your skis better when skinning. I got a size 10 boot so I should have got a Large binding, How ever I found that a Medium binding was a bit more of a snug fit to the boot and had zero boot slop whitch means less energy being used on steep side hill traverces to control your skis.

    Down Hill:
    they are easy to hold when pulling off and pushing on. verry responsive on both the heal and toe side even when moving slow. The High backs are verry easy to adjust for more or less foward lean. The aluminum constructon makes them verry still so no more worring about the binding flexing then the board moving. and also made my MOJO board feel more like a soild board.

    Being able to adjust the binding in a bunch of differnt ways is great and can be adjusted at home and you dont have to worrie about losing any of the parts in the snow.
    This is a binding I would recomend other to get or demo is you ever get a chance.

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    Probably you don’t rode nothing better.. Ride EX is a heavy bindings with stupid straps. You need to tighten their in the half of slope because its weaken. Also top strap have a tend of teeth damages..
    Try to replace straps from other bindings (Union?) and you probably got nice spliboard bindings with aluminium base. (even so heavyweight)

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