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    ………and the winner is: WSR’s dad. Nice work, so when you gonna let borrow a split instead of making him slide down on his feet? 😀

    karma surf
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    Nice work WSR, and feel free to post anytime lifelink- that avatar is captivating! Is she really saying what I think she’s saying? 😉

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    Isn’t she saying “I love you eco, I love you eco, I love you eco”?

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    Thanks G! You know it is the slow season when they are posting a pic of a 57 year old sliding on his feet in friggin 1960’s Marine issue boots…damnnnn!

    Lifelink-I didn’t even know your avatar was saying anything until KS and Eco mentioned it…my view didn’t make it that far….
    I think she is saying…”Wysplit is my papa dada…oh me so….” Well, you get the point.

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    Yeah, your avatar is very distracting, I find myself staring endlessly at it. Mesmerizing!

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    Damn, dude. What is she saying??? I think its “My fun bags, My fun bags”

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    Ok Ok. She is saying ” Come play with my mountains”. (Damn I need to find a woman)

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    so many things going on here: that avatar! yep, very distracting; i end up ignoring the posts and wathcing her dance. for me she is saying exactly what we all want to hear from a woman, nothing! just dancing and bobbing and well you know…

    anyway, i had been wondering about these:

    friggin 1960’s Marine issue boots

    nice one!

    wysplit, how fit is your pops? seriously, he looks like he could train with ecobrad, no problem! your pics have been awesome; that part of the country is insane!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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