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    Its gonna be a great weekend. 4 days off … Which Trip report would you rather see? Me fixing the sprinklers, or cutting moulding for the bathroom?

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    Dude – if you’re up for a road trip this weekend, I’ve got some sweet mulching action lined up. 🙄

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Sprinklers,sprinklers!! Get some good action shots


    sprinklers – especially with a couple pics at the end of socal hotties testing the sprinklers with wet tshirts on.

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    Sounds like a big weekend…”might go to Bed Bath and Beyond, maybe Home Depot….Dont know if we’ll have enough time”

    …and round up some of them socal hotties for a back yard bikini contest. Pics!

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    To be honest, I’d be seriously interested in a sprinkler trip report. Wifey and I just moved into our first house and the sprinkler installers didn’t leave any kind of instructions for how to adjust the direction and distance that the sprinklers spray.

    As for myself, it looks like I’ll be poking about on the xc/downhill aka light touring aka 3-pin skis with a few friends for one day and then building my snowboard rack for the gear room on the other day.

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    Uh oh, the fog cleared enough to see the surf (3-5 occasional 6 footer). I have friday off for Veterans day. Looks like I will have to start by a boat surf. Sorry no pics. Im solo so its tough paddeling in, setting the rail ,and then clicking a self portrait. But after the surf I will get right on those sprinklers.

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    Wish I could be at Doughnuts right now…with no wind. 8)

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    I just got in from Surfing Sunset cliffs till dark. Great magenta socal sunset with the sound of big boomers breaking. As it got dark you could still make out the sets. Was a nice after work treat. And the boat is now loaded.

    and then building my snowboard rack for the gear room on the other day.

    That sounds like its going to take a lot of safety meetings :mrgreen:

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    Banff film festival tonight – should get the necessary stoke going to get out & ride patches this weekend…. You Bozo folks should be getting some TR’s in by end of this weekend & maybe WSR country? This last storm tracked completely s. of here. 10 days of non-stop chinooks can be pretty devastating.

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    If you are off to K-Country from Calgary tomorrow or Monday my splitboard and i are looking for some company.

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    Well the surf dropped but what the heck friday, sunny , no wind 4 people out and chest high. Not bad. Got the sprinklers done and the moulding. Damn I hope it snows soon or I might start building a new house or something

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