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    1/1/10 (Tune in later for fullers2oh pics. He took a lot!)
    Talked fullers2oh into going to same place him and bcd went on christday. He didn’t seem to mind doing the same run for the THIRD time this season.
    No pics of top section due to nuking winds, flat light, and clouds over the palisades. I almost turned around at midpoint as the wind was nuking and snow was gone and/or really messed up. I told Dave I didn’t think the snow up higher would be good, but he talked me into going up another 15 minutes and it was still pow, which is weird cuz it was basically same aspect as down lower but more sheltered from the wind. Dave obviously knew better having been up here 2 times already this season.

    Dave dropping mini chute. Snow was excellent most the run. Nuking SW winds were loading our east/NE aspect. The top of run was SE facing and had maintained some high quality snow which made for some excellent GS turns:

    (the mickey mouses in santa suits sitting on the bomb has to be a metaphor for something)

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    Nice BGKnight. Nice to hear you guys found the goods…I had a nice am drive that morning in spite of everything saw a ton of Hare and White Tail deer, including a young buck who was already sporting an impressive set of antlers. The first sunrise of the new year kicked a little ass too.

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    what do you mean “again” ???? 😉
    ….and here are a few more shots from this day. a fine way to start the year. thx for getting this started bgnight, nice shots.

    night pic from 12/31, there was such a nice moon this night. bit out of focus (hey check that photoshop blur filter out). its nice to see these peaks line up, the low one in the front mt alice, middle is unnammed peak 12.861 – which is where these shots are from, and the big one in the back is mt sill, a 14’er.

    this day there was a thick cloudbank sitting over the sierra crest, kicking up winds and spitting snow.
    there is a small treed section that connects the lower gut to the upper gut.
    it was holding some good snow.

    brooks breaking trail in the upper gut

    couple riding shots of brooks…

    there was a cool cloud parked over the canyon, reflecting the sunset light.

    big sequence. so many shots i just couldnt decide…

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    What is going on in photo 2? Is that wind? It looks like the whole slope has a cascading solugh or something.

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    Good shit!

    This one’s going on the cover….. 8)

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    That sequence is $$$ :rock:

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    Nice one Brooks….that’s some mighty fine cunree.
    Gives me something to aim for….

    Evil Penguin
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    Nice Work and a great TR!

    What was Glacier Lodge Rd. like? assuming that’s how you get up there.

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    @evil Penguin wrote:

    What was Glacier Lodge Rd. like? assuming that’s how you get up there.

    Oh, it’s plowed all winter to the trailhead, so no issues.

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    Sweet covershot Brooks!

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