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    Does anyone else have this tent? We cant seem to get the poles to fit properly in ours. And its not rocket science but i cant see where we’re goin wrong.

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    My friend has the Awahnee and hasn’t voiced any probs. I have the I-tent and just put the poles in the pockets and staighten the poles over the seams, but I usually don’t clip them into the platic twist ties.

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    Yeah, thats kinda like the same problem i have. Those twist ties seem absolutely useless. There’s so much strength on those poles when there in place that it makes them un-useable. They just pop right out of them. It seems like it doesn’t really affect the tent but i was just wondering. They don’t really fit over the seams flush, but good enough. Thanks for the input.

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    I’ve been in some wind in my I-tent a few times where if I didn’t have those little clips secured I felt as though the tent might collapse. The poles do fit in there pretty damn tight, but with enough repetitive flap from the wind, it’s conceivable the poles could slide off to the sides if the clips aren’t in place. A decent build up of snow up top might also produce enough stress to slide ’em as well…. unlikely but possible.

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    If the twist ties aren’t holding, try reversing how they are hooked.

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