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    I’ve been looking around for a better heel lift system than Voile provides. After examining my GF’s tele skis, it appeared that the G3 heel riser blocks with the double wires fits the Voile heel riser hole pattern exactly.

    I drilled out the diameter of the G3 heel riser holes to roughly 6 mm, and bolted them to the board (has screw inserts in place) with 6mm fine thread 16 mm length flat head machine screws.

    The nice part of the system is that the climbing wires are interchangable, G3 makes some really tall ones, and the G3 riser has two seperate wires of different heights, for different conditions and slope angles.

    System works great.

    I’ll post a pic if anyone is interested.

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    @ssattler wrote:

    I’ll post a pic if anyone is interested.

    Please do! 🙂

    For what it’s worth…Voile also makes a taller bar that can be added to their system. I believe they are introducing a dual bar system as well next year. Maybe dj barney can confirm?

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    Yeah, post some pics please. I have been wishing for some adjustability on the risers. Might have to do that mod myself.

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    this has never come up for me…how do i post a pic?


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    I have tall wires on my split boards.
    Available from Voile.
    Dual wires?
    No worky at present.

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    Nice work. I considered the same after getting smoked on the climb by my AT friends. Can’t… let… skiers… win… gasp…

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    You upload the image wherever you want and ou put the url of the image between tags like this:


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    so sounds like I have to have a site to host the pics…can’t upload em directly to, right?

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    @skinjob wrote:

    …can’t upload em directly to, right?

    not currently, try

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    Also Photobucket gives you a free account. You can only store something like 250mb, but more than enough for a few pics. It’s $20 a year should you decide you need a couple of gigs. You can post img tags with that site. It’s nice because they set it all up for you. You just have to copy paste to whatever board you are post whoring on.

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    The board is a little covered with snow (as it should be) but I think you get an idea about the G3 heel riser mod. The board also has an old pair of Dynafit toes on it too.

    What the F…! How do you get this photo thing to work?

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    You need to then right-click on the image in the URL above and copy *that* URL, which goes directly to the image. In your case, the code should look like this


    Which will give you this:

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    cool you finally fixed that scott. so do the new heel risers hit the heel of your boot, or do they still hit the middle of the boot?

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    can you still pop em up using the handle of yer pole? or do you have to bend down and use yer hand? I love being able to do that with my pole… practically the only thing it’s good for.

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    they wires hit the heel of the boot now, so much more effective.

    thanks for the help on the pic posting thing y’all.



    Anyone else give this a try (G3’s)? I’m guessing the 8mm’s? I was out this past weekend with standard Voile climbing wires and got to wishing I had a higher wire. I know that Voile makes higher wires but I would love the dual setup.

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    More importantly… hey ssattler, how is that Dynafit set-up working out for you? and what do you do for crampons while skinning? How many seasons with the set-up? Thanks.

    cascadianwarrior — I have been using the dual lifters for a couple years and love ’em. They fit straight away into the Voile boards.

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    i was jealous of my granola cruching friends high hell lifter and then I saw them on a board on this forum so I tried them out on my 66 mojo. The double lift is great if you are on a low angle slope put the smaller one up and when it gets steeper just smash the smaller one down and lift the tall one, barely bending over.
    kinda make a lot of noise on the sparks compared to the voiles as they have no plastic tubing on the top.
    The 8mm took the same screws as my voile lifters and require no mod.
    The only problem I see is that they do not work with Mr Chomps crampons 😥


    Cross post from Splitboard Swap:

    I accidently ordered an extra set and thought I’d try to sell them before I ship them back. These give you the option of either a 5cm (2″) or 7cm (2.75″) climbing bar. 7cm bar is just slightly taller than the stock Voile bar. Screw pattern matches perfectly, no mods needed. I’m going to see if I can find a little tubing (and include it) so it’s not ‘metal to metal’ and making a bunch of noise. Paid $23.95+ shipping, asking $25 shipped. PayPal works best-

    So easy, a 3 year old could do it


    BUMP ‘cuz I’m sending them back tomorrow, 2/6/08.

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