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    I’am all new in Splitboard… i’am looking to buy something but i’am not too sure what to look for…
    Of what i see, the boards looks often very long. I am quite short, 5’2-5’3…
    What kind of size should i look for? My freeride snowboard is 143cm

    Also, do you have specific advise or suggestion?
    Thank you 😀

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    Please let us know where you live and where you will be splitboarding. This will help us give you advice on length and possibly shapes. Out here in Colorado, most good women’s boards would be around 148-154cm. This gives you a lot of options for powder and variable snow. 143cm is short here even for resort boards and average riders. I got my GF a Never Summer Lotus 152cm and she is 5’2″ also.

    Here are a couple I would recommend! Especially the Venture, Lisa is the owner of Venture and they support splitboarding more than any other company :thumpsup:

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    Thank you very much for your response…

    I leave in Quebec, Canada. I will probably go around the Chic Choc in Gaspesie to use the splitboard and probably around New Hamsphire or Vermont because it’s close from here.

    The thing here is that there is not a lot lot of big deep powder, of what i heard sometime the bottom can be hard on the way down… specially in windy area…
    So i guess i would need something “stiff” ? Like not you soft?
    For the lenth i will look for something around what you suggest, thank you

    Thanks again for your help!! i’am very exited to get my board!

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    Sorry, another question…

    What do you think about Jones SplitBoard?
    Solution – 148 ?

    Looks like a nice Board…

    Thanks again

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    Hey Westbeach

    I can only talk from my own personal experience – so here goes!
    If you’re not going to be regularly skinning in powder/deeper snow and find yourself on hardpack/only a few cm of fresh I would definitely be looking at something that does not have too much rocker in the tip and tail.

    For myself splitting in NZ with variable conditions and not a huge likelihood of fresh snow I narrowed my preferences to the Jones Solution and the Voile Artisan, both might be worth looking at.
    In terms of length you can usually go a few cm bigger than your ‘normal’ board without noticing too much difference, but again a lot of your decision on length will come down to snow conditions and riding style.

    Good luck!

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    I’ve the ’14 156 (@120lbs) Womens Solution. It’s my first split so I have nothig to compare it to considering skinning… So far I’m very happy with it. It’s agile, stabile, good grip on icy patches, the big rockered nose floats effortless, and (when I tested it the first day riding in the resort) it even carves very nicely 🙂

    Jones Solution 152 / Phantom Alpha / Dynafit TLT6 Mountain CL
    (Spark Afterburner / Deeluxe XV)

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