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    Hey ya’ll,
    I’ve taken my lady Kelly out twice splitting but both times I think I pushed her a little terrain wise so I’m looking for something really mild. Ideally open, few or no trees, resort black diamond max slope. 30 degrees max would probably be ideal.
    Would Rubicon fit the bill? Maybe something northwest of Carson Pass? Rose Knob area?
    Open to anything, needn’t be that close to the road. Hiking distance is less of an issue.
    Thanks in advance!

    Rico in AZ
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    Sunrise bowl on the ridge above Tahoe Donner exactly fits your description. Mellow slope angle less than 30*, wide open, about 600′ vert, easy skin approach.
    I wish I had such a nice beginning backcountry area for my wife.

    It’s kinda low elevation, so it’s probably not in right now.

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    ^^ yup sunrise bowl in Tahoe Donner…. wide open and hard to get lost in the neighborhood 😆 I also hear waterhouse has decent conditions right now.

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    Thanks guys! Think it will be easy to get into that area after the big dumps this weekend? We are targeting Sunday and I reckon we’ll have some new feet by then.

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    Looks like things should mellow out by Sunday in the Tahoe area… Waterhouse is where I popped my wife’s backcountry cherry, so to say. Trees, mellow slope angle, and simple route out and back make it a nice choice on storm days too….

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Good suggestions.

    There are certainly trees at Phouse although there are well spaced mostly old growth and the USFS did some clearing recently down low (it’s still low tide at the base although hopefully by Sun/Mon that’s no longer a worry). If you descend fairly far riders left the angle is a little mellower and there are some solid openings as well (you just end up below the exit trail and need to skin up to head out). Waterhouse proper is an option as well. Lower angle, trees with several areas where they open up and fewer people.

    In solid stability, the money runs at Eback or Elephant’s Graveyard would work well too. Pretty much alpine terrain but not that steep and the high elevation is great with all these warm storms.

    I think I saw one of your IG snaps of my back yard (near Toad’s), perhaps as part of this mission. If you go to near top of the rocks there are a few nice openings but lower down the trees get tight. The trail is fine to follow out though.

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    Sunrise in TD is a good suggestion, but may still be pretty low tide. Another suggestion would be NW aspect of Castle. Nice tour in, not too steep plus you can kick back at Peter Grubb for lunch. It’s all above 8K too which would help with the recent snow level. The hut is just under 8K.

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