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    HI Guys,
    Looking for a place to call home for 3 months next winter as plans for Japan seem to be… Well you know by now.
    Will have wife, 5yo and 2yo both girls.
    Nice town with things to do for kids etc, accessible splitting terrain with a few other like minded people around a bonus.
    Not too fussy, basically good snow and good people.
    Have heard Boulder is nice but open to anywhere that gets more snow…

    Thanks any help is much appreciated

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    Crested Butte? Do you need to have job there? CB, sort of expensive, but beautiful.

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    Boulder is great, but you would be too far from good splitting terrain and deep snow in my opinion. I can’t say enough about that city, although it certainly has its haters (full disclaimer, I went to college there).

    What about Jackson, Wyoming? Small town that (believe it or not) you can live in rather cheaply and the terrain is sick and super close to town.

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    will not have to work as we are selling the house and taking off for 6 months before our eldest has to go to school. Will have a look at Crested Butte.
    Asia on the beach for 2mths and France for 1mth after we live out my dream of being in the snow for a descent spell.
    Australia is not made for the dream snow holiday that is for sure..

    I thought Boulder may have been a little far to have the snow at your door so speak.
    Havn’t looked at Jackson but know it’s reputation for terrain and snow.
    Is it a wild cowboy town?? What is the community like in comparison the say Boulder.
    Don’t want to isolate family that’s all.

    Compton, have not come across this town.
    Any trip reports from around the area that you know of..

    Thanks again

    Any one from around California or Washington ???

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    Compton changed to Canada??
    Care to expand to which part of Canada.

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    Last year Compton was rated as the most dangerous city with a population of 75000 to 99999, and 4th most dangerous overall.
    thanks again!!!

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    Canada seemed more reasonable.

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    Canada is a great suggestion actually. I could give you the low down on Washington if you want it but if I were in your situation I would be looking at British Columbia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Italy, Spain…

    You might have to define your parameters a little better. If Japan was Plan A, Glacier or Maple Falls is not a comparable Plan B. You know the riding is good in WA, but whats it gonna take to keep the fam happy while you are shredding?

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    For the last 4 years i have been going to Japan for 3 week stints, avi training and getting to know the mountains. Hakuba 3y and hokkiado 1y.
    I have lent towards Niseko area because of the ease of access, large stable snow accum and good community. Outside of the Hirafu tourist jungle.
    I know the mountains are not large, nice little range, BUt the snow is great!!!
    If it has not snowed in Niseko then it has in Kirroro it’s a magnet.
    And if i can get some time in Tokachi Dake again well its a land of the Gods!

    So having a plan B never crossed my mind until now..

    As for the family well a bit of a alternative community vibe with veg/vegan food would have the wife more interested. Even an alternative kinder/playgroup like Steiner etc would be good.
    Also to live in the snow would be great in stead of having to drive long distances.
    Kids snow activities??

    Europe, it does seem to be a little snow challenged at times and even a bit unstable snow wise.
    Great mountains.
    Seems to be more of a language barrier for us as my wife taught in Japan for a year and has retained some Japanese.
    I am not sure though as i have only boarded in bulgaria.
    We plan to do 1 mth in spring and i was going to do a 10 day tour out of cham while they head to the beach retreat centre in south of france.

    I think Sth America is a boys trip, But again i do not know.
    New Zealand in a couple of months. Murchison Hut Trip for a week.

    So the search for Plan B is on.


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    i’ve a family of three kids under 7 (two alread ski). Kimb BC is a small family freiendly town with a ski hill in it (minutes up to the hill). no alpine but lots nearby. we use a skidoo to access the the challenging terrain. prefamily, we toured alot of AB and BC and learned Kimb. is ideal for the ‘whole’ family. check out the surrounding area too as it has lots to offer depeninding upon your wants and needs. congrats on living the dream!

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    As for the family well a bit of a alternative community vibe with veg/vegan food would have the wife more interested. Even an alternative kinder/playgroup like Steiner etc would be good.
    Also to live in the snow would be great in stead of having to drive long distances.
    Kids snow activities??

    You might check out Aspen/Carbondale too. Pricey, but that doesn’t seem to be the biggest issue. The snowpack isn’t exactly what you might call “Stable” though.

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    Bishop or Truckee, CA
    Coeur D’ Alene or Sandpoint, ID
    Missoula or Bozeman, MT
    I thought Jackson was rad but seemed rather expensive but only been on trips there.
    I don’t think it will matter where you end up, pretty much sounds like FUN!

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    Decent sized town, exposure to all types of people, free thinking community , lots of resorts nearby, good airport less than anhour away, BC touring within 15 minutes, sailing , fishing, Mtbiking

    and 2.5-3 hours from the big lines and 3 hours to SanFancisco in case you need some city time

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    Jackson is relatively small and more geographically isolated than some of the suggestions, but the town has everything you need. It’s known (in the summer) as a posh hangout for the wealthy (an up-and-coming Aspen, perhaps?), so don’t let the cowboy image fool ya. The nice thing about Tahoe (which someone else suggested) is the proximity to San Francisco in case the wife and kids get bored and want to hangout in a bigger city and the snowfall is legit (this past week has been f’ing crazy).

    Another suggestion might be Vancouver. Great, cosmopolitan big city that feels smaller than it is and you’re super close to killer backcountry and Whistler. Or you could split the difference and live somewhere small like Squamish, which is half way between Vancouver and Whistler.

    There are probably some good areas in the Cascades as well; I’m just not super familiar. I still wouldn’t rule out Jackson though. If you really got bored you could jump in the car and drive to Boulder (5 hours) or Denver (8 hours).

    Boulder isn’t that far from great skiing, so don’t rule it out. You’re just not going to be right in the middle of the action. From Boulder, you can get to most of the I-70 resorts (A-Basin, Keystone, Breck, Copper, Loveland, Vail, Beaver Creek, etc.) in two hours. You are also super close to Rocky Mountain National Park. Also, Berthoud and Loveland pass are close and offer good BC too.

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    Nelson, BC. Awesome alternative community vibe. Whitewater is close, Red isn’t far, and everything else that counts is a days drive.

    That was Pontus

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    What are your language skills? Because there’s plenty of great spots throughout the Alps stretching into Eastern Europe. Oberstdorf, Tatras, etc. If you were thinking about Japan, this means you’re open to some ideas such as this. You won’t find many splitters out there, but in the Alps proper you’ll find plenty of backcountry skiers.

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    Thanks to all,
    got myself some work to do indeed.

    One question about Whitewater BC.
    Does it snow as much as they claim? 400+ inches?

    Looking at Tahoe to Silverton to Nelson with some stops on the way north.
    Crested Butte looks good except for the house rental prices.

    AS much as i want to stay in one place YOU guys have too much of a good thing going on over there
    to limit myself to one place.

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    Well here, are the snowfall totals this year for Whitewater.

    That was Pontus

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    Just throwin’ it out there, but have you considered the Heber Valley in Utah? I’ve got two little girls, 4 and 5, and this place is an outdoor paradise and great family living all in one. Close to all of Utah’s finest resorts and world class snow, plus a small, friendly town. Rent and cost of living is pretty cheap. Moved here from San Diego a few years back, and loving it. The only negative is the lack of nightlife, but that what Park City is for, right? Backcountry has a reputation of being crowded (Was-Angles Range), but it’s all relative. After growing up surfing in Southern California, the ‘crowds’ here are a non factor. I’m still learning about the BC access on this side of the range, and honing my skills slowly but surely, but there are tons of great people on this forum that can share data with you about the area. Cheers!

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