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    My little Taco works fine. The boyfriend has a Dodge Ram Megacab that works better – heated seats and lots of room inside for friends and gear, and plenty of towing capacity. For longer trips it eats a lot of gas, and it would be cool to have a Vanagon or a truck camper so we’d have a nice place to crash and could still tow the sleds.


    911 Carrera 4 on Blizzaks with a ski rack :thatrocks:


    But you can’t really drive all that fast with a ski rack. Going over 120mph it will start to make some very eary sounds.

    It may be different for everybody, but if cost or fuel was not a problem I would probably go for a Mercedes R63 AMG. Sure, it’s a minivan. But having 500hp and AWD in a minivan seems like a great idea to me.

    Fold down the rearseats and I can drive to the mountains with 3 friends and gear. My mountain commute is over 500miles, so I need a fast car more than anything.


    pretty much love my element, though i wish i got better gas milage.

    it’s a great road trip vehicle in the summer or the winter (the shot below is from a trip to lassen last november), and it great for hauling anything around town and there is tons of space (with one rear seat, you can still fit two or three bikes inside).

    with the two rear seats out, it is easy to build a platform to sleep on like you would have in a taco, and then you have tons of storage too. only problem – it only works for two people with the platform (wanted to get an ecamper, and still may, but the price tage is hefty at ~$7,000).




    ifs its not my Subaru with turbo, snow tires and a tow hitch, its the sprinter van conversion with tow hitch and comfy bed!

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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