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    Colorado finally go some snow in the Northern areas Sunday. Winterpark got in the area of 13″ and another inch or two on Monday. Berthoud Pass seemed to get about the same, maybe a few inches more.
    With that much snow we knew we were going to do old ski area runs at the pass so I brought my “old man” dog Sam. He’s 11 and just can’t do the long days anymore. He is a Samoyed-Border Collie mix. I don’t think I’ll ever find a better snow dog.

    Scott doing his morning calisthenics.

    Cody and Bucky playing and excited to go.

    The view from the top of Floral Park before we dropped in. You can see tracks but they were filled in decently enough you didn’t notice.

    Then the fun begins.

    Then amazing whil hitchhiking on highway 40 there was a dog there that pretty much looked just like Cody. For those who have met Cody they know what a different looking dog he is. The likeness is uncanny. The pup on the right is Shanna who is about 6 months younger than Cody.

    Then we decided to take on Mount Russel. Along the way we picked up two lost souls and thought we would show them the way. Tim and Bob were way fun to ride with. Here is Bob topping out on Russell.

    No Name Peak had some nice lines down it, but the big Chute below Russell was untouched. We had to get those fresh lines. No Name is still one of the best drops at the Pass, check it.

    We dug a pit to check stability and got a couple of green lights, so I got to play avy bomb. Cold smoke all the way down.

    Every one has that sh*! eating grin after that drop. A look at our lines.

    Some more sweet turns were had below.

    Then for the final lap we went out Skull bite.

    Great turns and great light Colorado Pow was had by all. More snow is rumored to be on it’s way the next couple of days. Get out there!

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    looks like a fun day killclimbz! 😀

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    Berthoud was sick that day! I looked for you (killclimbz) when I returned from my tour later in the afternoon but I think you had already left. I just wish I could get the photos from the guys I was riding with ’cause the conditions were definitely worthy of bragging about! Nice photos by the way!

    I spent that night at the peter rabbit hut. Ever been up there? It was interesting finding it in the dark when I had never been there before, but definitely worth the effort.


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    You betcha I’ve been to Peter Rabbit. The rabbit is a fequent lunch stop for me. Glad you had a good time there. Conditions have just been getting better this week. If you are still bumming around in Colorado, shoot me a PM. It would be fun to get out. I have Tues, Fri-Sat’s off.

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    Well, unfortunately I had to rally back up to Bozeman. Wish I could have stayed down there longer. I’ll just have to look forward to some more of your pics from the bottomless pow!

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