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    So I’m wrapping up piecing together my split setup:
    -prior kyber split
    -burton driver x boots
    -bindings: bent metal step in or missionary

    Undertsood that the step in’s are much more stiff and weigh more than the missionary bindings. My driver x boots already rank high on the stiffness chart. Would it be wise to go with looser missionary for a little play or should I go all out stiff with the step ins?

    Anyone have a similar setup?

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    Go with Bent Metal Restraints. In a few months you’ll want the Spark Ignition II baseplate and you’ll be set-up with the right heel cup, highback and straps. There really is no other choice.

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    I’m rockin’ the step in’s with Driver X boots and love the immediate response for biglines. The trade off is being a clumsy oaf unless you get some speed on. That said, once you get your stance dialed, you can ride really powerfully.


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    I have Step-In’s on my non-split Venture Zephyr. They are still as hell! Just be forewarned. On the upside, the Step-In’s will work with the Spark Ignition II baseplates just fine. You will want Sparks, the performance improvement is worth every penny.

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    The main difference is in the baseplate, so if you are going with sparks then thats a non issue. Go with the missionary and save the money. Other then that the upper highback on the step in is aluminum while the missionary is plastic, with a aluminum lower highback and heel cup, slightly less stiff. The upper highback part is interchangeable and with the good nature of the mervin manufacturing people getting another set could not be too hard. If you wanted to be uber cool you could score a set of the carbon ones they used to make a couple years ago.

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