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    Hey there Bend/Central Oregon splitters,

    I’m in town for a bit, possibly the season while my lady is doing some work up here. Be stoked to hook up with some folks in the community for a beer, tour, Bachelor laps, etc.

    No attitude, no drama, just down to share some stoke :thumpsup:

    May hit this next week:

    PM if interested, see you out there :headbang:

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    I’ll join you for that.

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    This is my first winter in Bend and I’m planning to go to that as well. I started splitboarding last year and took an Avy 1 class so far. I’m hoping to meet some people to partner up with.

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    Sweet, I’ll rally some other members.

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    Very cool, look forward to meeting you cats :thumbsup:

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    I’ve got a solid crew, some who live out in the Bend and the others who head in from Portland with me. Let’s try to catch up. Tumalo is an easy route and good one to start on with new folks.

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    Hey! Just moved to the area. Well, sort of. I’m living in my Subaru with my dog as a search for a place to live in this crap ass rental market. Anyway.

    I would love to find some people to split with. I’ve got no friends here, and don’t really wish to head out solo. Anybody want a tag along? I’ll break all your trail and let you have firstees. Hit me up.

    Also, if you know if anyone who has a room to rent out, that would be stellar.

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