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    Is this anybody on here? Rider getting inverted on a split, with Bachelor in the background. Nice move on a split.

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    Ben Ferguson?

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    I own a Hydroflask growler and love it. I have no idea who the rider is.

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    Is that for sure a real photo? Could be Bachelor photochopped into the background… =)

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    @shredgnar wrote:

    I own a Hydroflask growler and love it. I have no idea who the rider is.

    I have a Lifeline and am similarly happy…though I will be grabbing on of these from Miir at some point.

    :drinks: Sorry for the thread drift…carry on :guinness:

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    Looks like it’s a real photo, but it’s been flipped 180. The cone slopes the other way, and the sun looks like he’s riding at dawn. That was messing with the ol’ head.

    What kind of splitboarder gets that high at sunrise anyways?

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    That’s a photo trick to make a more welcoming photo then before. People read from left to right, as with the eye, so I assume that’s why they flipped it. I also think it gives a better picture than the other way.

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    My guess is the photo was taken by Pete Alport……not exactly sure who the rider is. Check out Pete Alport Video/Photo on Facebook for some sick riding shots around the Bachelor area….

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    Alport did a photo shoot on BT earlier in the year with Ben which was why I’m pretty sure it’s him.

    Edit. Not quite what I was thinking of, but still a way cool clip of BT from some different angles.

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    Pete Alport has some great shots on there for sure. Lots of early season splitboard action.

    I like this one down on Sparks, with S. Sister and Broken Top way off.

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    Posted the wrong video. Oops. Here is the right one.

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