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    Hey All,

    I want to start getting into the back country and start split boarding but I have a lot of questions. Currently both my wife and I are season pass holders at Crystal. I ride both a 159 Burton Process and a 158 Capita Charlie Slasher. I am looking at splitting my Capita but not sure if anyone out there has an opinion on making that my split board? I am also looking for local trips that are good beginner routes to skin and ride in the Crystal/Mt. Rainier area? Are there any groups/clubs out there in the Olympia/Tacoma area that got out and ride together? I am looking forward to getting out and learning all that I can. My goal is to ride every month of the year! Thanks for the help and suggestions in advance.

    – Pete


    Hey Pete, I’m in the same boat. Just getting set up for splitting, and live in Tacoma. Been riding for almost 20 years, and have a pass to Crystal as well. I just moved up from CA last year. I had a mammoth pass for 10 years, and hiked and rode all over the sierras. I’ve got a couple buddies I met this last year that I’m going to start touring with.

    Give me a call or drop me a PM if you’d like to meet up sometime. I think a few of us are going to paradise next weekend if I can complete my setup by then.

    818 634 two30four


    I actually had a couple guys come through the shop this weekend asking for the same thing. This got us thinking about trying to setup a beginner split day so people can come out and learn the basics of the gear and using them. Is this something you guys would be interested in? We may be able to work in some rental equipment for those not equipped.

    Probably would be more along the lines of just going through all the stuff for your setup, some basic touring skills and the like. Nothing serious like a guided trip or anything. We are just tossing some ideas around right now.


    Saign – thanks for the quick reply. I am sure I will be in touch. I am just starting to get set-up so it might be a little while before I can tour but I am willing to hike!

    B-P – that would be a great idea! Just the basics to get us started would be just what I need. Please let me know if you decide to do this and I am in!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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