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    K, so here we go. The Mighty Bighorn chucked the idea out sometime last week and we made it happen. Stuffed the truck full of rad ass camping, biking and splitboarding gear on Friday. Drove 26km from Lethbridge and promptly broke down. Spent the rest of Friday trouble shooting the Toyota and ordering parts. Saturday, borrowed a car and squeezed the bike and splitboard in the back and went for it again. Made it to Fernie before “I” broke down and had a go at Swine Flu. Made it to mecca that night. Sunday was a funday peddling around mountain station, then met up with The Mighty Bighorn for a ride down Middle Earth. Beers, poutine and hacked out a plan for Monday. Left town around 630, forgot what time we started the climb up from Gibson Lake at.

    From quite aways up usual route up from Gibson Lake to the col northwest of Grays. Sometime before this the poutine came back and began to haunt me. Kept me on edge all day with only half a roll of tp…

    First glimpse of the beer can and Grays more prominent peak.

    Pretty self explanitory, we’re nearly there…

    Quick boot up and you’re on top, which was around noonish for us.

    The Mighty Bighorn dropping in.

    Slowboarder trax…

    Note to self; wax is nice, slow, grabby snowboarding isn’t…

    We got super lucky and spotted a wolverine from the col a few hundred meters below us as we were prepping to downclimb the scree to the remaing snowfield. Spooked the guy and got to watch him charge the entire snowfield from col to damn near treeline in a matter of minutes. The Mighty Bighorn didn’t stand a chance trying to chase him down.

    Just tracks left.

    Think we were back at Gibson Lake by 330-4ish. Took our time getting down, sat in the sun at treeline for a bit, refilled the water bottles, kinda zombied our way through the bush to the trail, etc..

    That was Pontus

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