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    I decided to head out to Bee Hive on wed. to get some turns in. I ended up meeting some Big Sky locals who were willing to take me on for the day.

    Shortly after leaving the parking lot.

    Beginning to gain the ridge.

    Stopping for a break.

    The last part of the ridge. It got a little trickier here with the rock. I wasn’t sure the pup was going to make it.

    Lone Peak looking good from the top.

    A look down the first line. the top was decent but the bottom was pretty rocky.

    Looking up the second line. The snow was great here. (i kind of missed the top part of the tracks…)

    All in all a great day. Good weather, snow and company.

    After a good day at Bee hive i decided to get out somewhere around town. Mt. Ellis was about all i had time for after getting a late start. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

    The snow was extremely heavy. Our skins were getting snow caked on them, and permanent risers were forming under our feet.

    On the way in.

    This was the only picture i was able to get. Good old batteries.. We ended up getting some horrible turns in, but turns all the same.

    Two good days of riding though, with the weekend still ahead. if any one from the area wants to ride around Big Sky sat. or sun. let me know. I’ll be down there both days.

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    Looks like a great day ❗
    Nice terrain too. 8)

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    Nice. Coverage is starting to look good. Thanks for the TR.

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