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    finally got this line with powder.
    tough, unrelenting steep skin for almost the whole climb.

    light snow showers made a cool cloudy scene

    skinning a short section of the flume trail, a nice break from all the swithbacks

    tahui, surfing the clouds

    john. this guy skis with amazing power and style.

    the lake appears below the cloud line. might not have had the epic view this day, but the snow made up for that.

    a must do. the hard part is timing on this one.

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    nice :thatrocks:

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    hey. cool. bearclaw.


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    well done and timed. :drool:

    i think that line qualifies as the one that you can end closest to the lake shore. totally cool line and location

    i hope lots of lines open up this season :thatrocks:

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    Man, I need to hit that one day. Way to time it and git er done. Tahoe is going off right now!

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    That is possibly the most fun line I have ridden in Tahoe – got it a few years ago in stable waist-deep pow. Almost hit it yesterday, but nuking winds changed my mind. The skin is much easier if you go through the treed north-facing area north of Bearscratch (which I believe is the proper name). Sweet stoke!

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    FNKA stoke!

    ta hui
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    Definitely UNrelenting skin , it never eases on the pitch! Nice Rally Brainsteak! :rock:
    Different direction view of the lake! Im used to hiking with the lake to the east. :guinness:

    ta hui
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    Definitely UNrelenting skin , it never eases on the pitch! Nice Rally Brainsteak! :rock:
    Different direction view of the lake! Im used to hiking with the lake to the east. :guinness:

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    :thumpsup: Love this line; stoked to see it getting done. Super amazing lake views.

    I recall booting for the upper pitches and transferring on to rock for a while towards the top; really fun class 3.

    I also recall a super bony entrance; I remember scraping a lot and moving really slow up there.

    Another sick zone to link with this would be a round II and dropping into the rocky steep forest hiding on the thin direct north facing nook. It’s obvious from the road.

    This reminds me, wasn’t it you and I who visited those super sick secret volcanoe chutes north of rim trail on the rose side? I also recall that you went and soloed something super sick out there; maybe time for another visit eh?

    Addtionally, I was thinking about lines in Tahoe that I would want to get done and recall something you and I were always scopin out by Royal G; DF; you should go handle that thing this year!

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    crazy you mention royal g. a friend was just visiting and we went there. cruised out to the best view the place offers.(exept looking right down it)

    this is without a doubt the most impressive, most mountainous mountain i’ve seen in the tahoe area. biggest vertical drop other than jobs(east side)
    i’ll be keeping tabs on this one
    hope your doing well up there.

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    Right on man! Very stoked to see that its still on the tick list after all these years!!

    I wanna be there to ride that line with you dude. I should fly down there right now 😀

    either way; you guys should make that happen with or without me;

    back in the day it seemed like it would be a big deal to climb out of there but I dont think it would suck too bad. only problem is we dont really know if it goes all the way to the river bottom, there could be an icefall or something in there; either you gotta bring a bunch of pro and rope, be prepared to climb back up the thing, find an alternate way down and climb it from the bottom before you ride it, or mission way out to the south rim of the gorge and get a really good look at it first.

    Fuck man! Sounds like fun! If I was down there I would be all over that.

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    Yah, South Cooly of S.M. is a definite uber hot line. Multiple hazards to avoid, including: royal gorge gestapo, ticks/poison oak once you get low, possible cliff outs and a 4k hike back up after you have done a looooong approach. But what a sweet line. Had we not gotten all that rain, it would have totally gone; I looked at it from the top of the palisades at squally in November and it was lookin good. I don’t know how you get to the south rim without a major lazer expedition; that whole North Fork AR zone is about as remote and pristine as it gets in California! Always thought it would be cool to put a fat via ferrata in, but lacking significant funds and class V kayak skills definitely hampers the hopes.

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    granjero; yep; thats where I noticed this line; from the top of Palisades, many years ago. Sounds like you have pondered it as well! I suggest that some of you Tahonians make this a project line and get er’ done. The extra hassles will be worthwhile in the end.

    could you snowmachine out to the south rim somehow?

    whats does SM standfor? and what is ‘royal gorge gestapo’?

    Everything you mention makes it sound even more appealing to me!

    ta hui
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    trying to figure out the logistics right now! i think it can be done without the machine , which is more comitting! but fuckit ! I just wonder if it can be climbed also! :rock:

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    no need to keep a secret seeing as this is also one of tahoe’s most remote lines. sm is snow mountain. with the way the snow pack is shaping up here in tahoe, its the season to do it.

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    I thought about trying to keep it low key; but there are likely few paying attention anyways, and even less who would actually get after it.

    Let me know when its gonna go down; I’ll try and show up (for real) :thumpsup:

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    Pretty sure every hard core skier/boarder that’s gotten off Siberia lift has drooled over that one. In fact I think a girl friend I knows father owns the property on top of SM, but I could be mistaken. Probably waaay harder to time than bear scratch being S facing and lower elevation. Would be so sick though!

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    Nevada has some nice lines, may have to bag this one soon

    ta hui
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    how recent is that photo?

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