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    I started a thread about my K’s breaking and decided to get my money back,I already have a set or burners and have now got a pair if blazes.
    All in all i am really disappointed in the Karakoram system,especially the clips and climbing wires,either that or I’m the guy who gets sent all the dud gear!


    I’m not that excited about mine at this point either, but I will give them another chance once the replacement parts from K show up. I just don’t see any overwhelming benefit to the Split30s at this point, and after seeing the Spark Edison system I am very temped to just dump the Ks and ride my Burners for the season and see how that new Spark system shapes up. Your breakage/bendage was probably highly unusual for the Split30s, but the whole system just seems flexy and a bit Rube Goldberg-esque to me. I’m trying hard to think of a category in which I prefer the Karakorams over the Sparks at this point.


    I have the K- clips and i love love love them. I had to make the holes a little bigger so that the fit wasn’t so tight it would break my fingers. Super fast, makes the board feel stiffer- more like my inbounds board. Here is what to do if they are too tight.

    “How tight should the board clips be?
    The board clips should snap into place, but should not be difficult to lift. If the board clips feel too tight, you can open up the mounting holes on the hook side of the board clips using a 5.4mm (#3 ANSI) drill bit and up to a 5.5mm (7/32 ANSI) drill bit. “

    I actually ended up using my dremel tool and just notched it out a little.


    The clips are starting to relax a little as they stretch/wear-in, and I can do it with my fingers now without frightening small woodland creatures. I can’t say they make the board ride very differently yet since conditions here have been soft, but they do seem to pull the halves together damn tight. What I do notice is a lot of noisy creaking as the two halves rub against each other when the board gets loaded and the halves try to shift. I have learned to line the halves up carefully before I lock the clips down, and things are working out well.

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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