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    Hey everyone don’t suppose anyone else had issues with this years bd compactors aluminium?
    I had 2 fail one me in the middle of nowhere now.

    It seems that what you locate the male end into the female end. The male end gets loose and either works it’s way down slowly into the poles where you need a pair a pliers to pull it out.
    Or it works it’s way out. Which then damages the inside of the male ends housing. Then gets worse and worse untill the housing splits and turns cone like.

    So this is definitely not something you want to happen to you on a multiday tour. Which happened to me the first time.

    I returned to my local shop where I bought them and they said that they had a fair few people come in with this same issue.

    For now i’m using last years poles as they don’t fail on you.



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    I had the same thing happen to me this past weekend. While I was in the middle of Misery Wall on Mt Adams. Not kewl! Failed without any warning but was able to pull the inner sleeve back into place. Definitely going to return them now that I see others are having the same problem. Thanks for posting.


    Junk… thats all i have to say about these new compactors. Ive had 3 sets of compactors now. 1st and 2nd were the original green and silver. No problems at all with these. Easily over a hundred days on both sets with no problems at all. The new ones i got this season, black 135cm exploded right away. Maybe 2 tours until on my ladies bday expedition the part that the shafts interlock slid inside the another pole part. Ive pulled them apart several times until the string that holds the pole together finally let go…. Then it was back to the og pole…. tree pole! Done this 3 times this season already!!!! BD has a replacement on its way but im feeling slightly worried about how it will hold up. Fingers crossed! Was wondering if they started to mass produce them as demand went up and the quality went down??

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    I ended up returning the Compactors and going with BD’s Expedition3 poles. They are a little longer when collapsed but I will take the simple design and reliable FlickLock any day. Plus, you can attach BD’s snow saw to the Expeditions, can’t do it with the Compactors.

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    Check out BCA’s Scepter 4s. Very similar design to the Compactors, but way lighter and seemingly without the issues from the reviews I’ve seen. I had the Compactors and returned them for Scepters, early impressions thus far are good.

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