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    Here’s a little vid I threw together from a couple days in the pass and one at the resort. We toured up NRC gully (along with about 20-30 other people) first day and it was awesome and even got some sun which I rarely see when I am there. Second day we were on a time crunch and wanted find some untracked so we headed up Mcgill shoulder but the skin track was full of blow down and with some green splitters it really bogged us down didnt get to reach our objective and had to drop in alot earlier than we hoped and only ended up getting in a few legit turns before we were down into the thicker trees with poor coverage again. All in all it was still an awesome couple days I can’t wait to return.

    Here’s another edit for those who enjoy! Packed full of mountain shots and face shots. Got to ride one of the fingers off Mt McPherson across the river from Revelstoke. It was pretty cool looking climbing up and looking at the other side of the valley to RMR, which actually looked like a small area, and the town of revelstoke. Even threw in a bit of split-skiing for some comedy.


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    Got your back buddy!

    (youtube)_DD1L6L-z_Q(/youtube) This is the syntax to embed. The video was not used from your “shared library” but rather from a traditional YouTube page: “”
    I replaced the brackets with parenthesis to prevent embedding [] not ()

    Hope this helps :drinks:

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    Awesome, got it figured! Thanks Pedro!

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    Looks good guys… catch you in the BC!

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    Great video

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    Got a new one up there ^

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