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    Thanks, bcrider, for suggesting I post this here. I’m not a splitboarder myself (tele skier) but I know three of ’em, which must count for something…

    Interested in meeting other backcountry skiiers and boarders who live in the Bay Area? Kinda into the idea of developing and/or expanding the network of folks you can count on to drop their resort plans and head out into the Tahoe backcountry with you? Or do a little beacon practice?

    Well then. Read on.

    We’re having a BBQ on October 19, in order to see what kind of community we might manage to draw together with just a little effort. If you are a BC skiier/snowboarder who lives in the Bay Area, you are invited. We’re particularly interested in gathering together folks who are already avalanche certified (or are planning to be very soon).

    Location TBD (Berkeley or SF) depending on number of responses. Email me at if you’re interested, and I’ll shoot you an email with the details once we have them.

    Looking forward to meeting you….

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    Hola Jenny,

    That’s a great idea!! It would be fantastic to hook up a little network of bay area backcounty people. I’m totally in..

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    I’m in i have threee other friends that will join as well i’ll drop an email to you about the details.

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    Well, how was it? 🙂

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    It was very fun. I think around 30 of us met at Zeitgeisst in the City. There was a mix of Splitters, Randonee, and Tele of all different levels. I met about 5 other splitters there. Jenny, who organized it, collected everyone’s email addresses to put together a google group so we can stay in contact and maybe we’ll do some kind of beacon practice event a little later in the year. It was a great way to hook up with some nice backcountry people in the area.

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