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    Snapped my split last week in some bad sluff management that put my board against a tree. I need to turn my alternate into a split before the Baker fest but I dont have a saw and drill and I am on a budget that restricts my from sending my board priority mail to another state. Anyone know of someone that will split my board for me in PORTLAND, OR? or at least let me borrow some equipment to split it myself?

    I would really really appreciate it. I want to do the splitfest for my first time this year up at Baker. Thanks!

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    I feel your pain man. Best of luck. Check craigslist, you might end up finding a good priced split there if getting a DIY is going to be a time crunch.

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    can you try to get set-up with a demo?

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    Sentury Snowboards will be bringing split demos. Check out their website to see what they have to offer at I think they will be bringing some of next years boards. I might also have an extra one by then you could borrow. :thumpsup:

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    I heard they had demos going on, so I don’t think I will not go if I can’t get my board split in time. Worst case scenario, I’ll bring my S&R’s up and my skins and borrow a ride. Thanks for the offer rughty. Should be some good times. Looking foward to meeting a crew that wants to split and climb some mountains in Oregon. :bananas:

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    I’ve got a spare board I’ll bring if I make the Baker splitfest. I’ve also got a circular saw you could borrow to cut your own board. You’d likely want to get a different blade for it though. I’m over in north by Adidas.

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