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    I’m kinda superstitous. I have my lucky socks and what not. When things aren’t working, it’s time to change it up. Having been thwarted by weather my past few big outings and being denied summits on stuart and shuksan mere 100’s of feet from my goal(not that the ride down was the least bit disapointing on either, but I am goal oriented.)., it was time to try something differant.

    Monday night, after a few scotches and beer, it came to me. I gave my first bro in Seattle, and long time Baker local, Richard a call. He has a split, and has maybe had it out 3 times since I have been here. Myabe good karma would get me up kulshan.

    “hey man,,, you wanna snowboard baker or shuksan tomorrow?”

    him” what like table or the arm?”

    “No… Baker or Shuksan, from the top”

    Him”hahahhaha…. seriously?… I’ll have to call you back”

    An hour later, He called me back and said ok. He asked me what he would need to bring. I told him a small day pack with some snacks, and an extra layer, and his split and avi gear. But no water! I supplied him with an ice ax, and carried everything else.

    We arrived at teh TH parking at about 1 am. There was a group of Baker bro brahs heading up to watch the sunrise. A few bong tokes later, and we where joining them. I made richard eat a ton, and stop and drink from every creek. The climb to alpine went quick Sunrise was great, then the bro’s decided to head down. Too bad they didn’t keep going. Pretty cool group. Hopefully another day for them.

    Blah blah blah… up the grouse creek, long traverse across heliotrope and then the coleman glacier.

    Ricahard gave up on skinning at the roman wall. I am stuborn but submitted to booting near the top…her he is skinning

    Ricahard on teh baker summit lump. I have never been so happy to see someone else tag a peak. Really porud of my friend to step up to something so big with out much experiance. I split skied from the summit.

    Richard riding the roman wall

    We decended the full 7,000′ to snow line without traversing across heliotrope. then traversed/bushwhacked back and right up to the car. CHanged the second flat tire I have had in this exact same spot. Drove richard home, and then back to my house and in bed at 1 am, 41 hours since I last slept.

    end blog post!


    Hell yeah Scott! Hoping to get on this route in the not too distant future…sounds like quite a few people have been getting it in this high pressure. Must be nice to shred back almost to the car.

    Kyle Miller

    Nice work mang. :headbang:
    Sorry to hear about Stuart and Shuksan 😉 .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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