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    Hi everyone

    trying to decide between these backpacks. I’d like to stay under 25liters, would like to have the helmet holder.
    Mammut Nirvana Ride 22l
    Mammut Nirvana Pro 25l
    Osprey Kamber 22l

    The Osprey is the one i like the most as it seems more streamlined/slim, but has no lateral attachment strings and read some reviews complaining about lack of this feature, but one user says that there is a shortuc.
    I intend to use it also for carrying snowshoes, and would prefer lateral carrying as well.

    The two mammut: not sure about the differences between the Ride and the Pro, but they look bigger and with more ropes that could get hung when using the chair lift.

    do you guys have experience with these?

    thanks in advance

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    I picked up the Mammut Nirvana Pro 25 this season and so far I’m liking it. Carries the board well with enough room for ice axe, crampons and all the essentials. You can’t go wrong with the Osprey either, I have a Kode 38 that was my primary riding pack for the past 5-years but I wanted something new and smaller. I went with the Mammut mostly because I own about 6 different Osprey packs for different activities and wanted to try something different.

    Some things I like about the Nirvana Pro so far.

    Avalanche pocket – nice way to keep your avalanche gear organized, has a big red zipper pull to differentiate it from the other pockets.
    Removable waistbelt – makes the pack more simplified for an airplane carry-on when you’re traveling.
    Big loops for the zippers – can handle them easily with thick gloves on.
    Support – I snapped one of the helmet carry clips (my fault) and their support shipped me a replacement quickly.

    Only negative I can think of is that the helmet carry design will not allow you to attach your helmet and board at the same time which is something my Osprey can do. Not a big deal since in most cases you should be wearing your helmet when boot-packing steep terrain anyways.

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    i am also considering now the Nirvana Ride 22l, which doesnt have the back zip opening.
    I read many reviews about the Osprey, and people complain that the back access requires to unbuckle the shoulder straps first.

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    I think 22L is too small if you are carrying avalanche gear. The 25L is a tight fit once you pack everything for a day tour, I wouldn’t go any smaller.

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    thanks a lot
    so far i had only the chance to see in a store the Ride 22 and the Pro 25, and they both looked very big/long, and the Pro in particular looked also preatty heavy. I am a novice, but i wonder what cannot fit into the 22l Ride.

    I wonder how necessary is the back opening option.
    I also saw (online) the BCA Stash, which looks solid

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    but i wonder what cannot fit into the 22l Ride.

    Your fear of needing this or that won’t fit, but all the important gear will.

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    You are right!
    In the meanwhile I also discovered the Gregory Targhee 26 and the BCA Stash 30. They seem to have some more features than Ride.

    How would you compare these to Mammut?

    Matt Wood
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    Zero Point Zero complaints about my Stash 30’s. The current and previous versions are top notch rucksacks in my opinion. The current version has a full access back panel, pretty awesome for fetching that apple from the depths of the tube.

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    I’ve been using a Mammut Nirvana Pro 35L for the last three seasons. I find the back panel access pretty useful but it adds weight, which is the tradeoff.

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