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    Took the snomo’s out with my good friend, Eric Schweitzer, on Saturday. Cruised up the South Fork of the Sacramento River to Cliff Lake – about 8 miles. Parked the sleds on the South Fork, the road into Cliff looked sketchy! Skinned in the 1.5 miles to middle Cliff, and followed the right hip up to the summit. Had a nice lunch overlooking the Trinity Alps, and finished off with 2 feet of freshies in the trees down to cliff. While we were hiking, some snowmobilers on 1000cc sleds punched their way up the road to Cliff Lake and had some nice riding for sure! We skinned out on their sled tracks until we ran back into our skin trail which was nice, since blazing trail in the deep pow took a little extra effort. The actual snowboarding footage was filmed with our miniDv recording unit using a 520tv line res helmet camera. I did not have a glare or lens cover on – and you can still see the washed out colors, what a shame. The rest of the footage was filmed in HD (High definition @ 1440×1080i) with a Sony HC1, then down converted to SD in Vegas Video. Enjoy. -chad

    Go here for a short video of the TR:

    Rico in AZ

    Really nice work guys. How ’bout those cliff lines in the background next time?


    nice! slash that shit! 8)


    Nice shots, I love helment cams. I am shooting with a sony dvr-dvd301 . I have rca jacks that can be put in the “input mode” . I believe my camera has a lanc input for control, do you have any recommendations as far as camera packages? You guys seem to do more helment cam action than anyone. Way to charge


    The quickest way to a mans heart is through Chuck Norris’s fist


    Cool stuff!!! 8)

    So that’s a viosport helmet cam right?

    I’m in the process of getting one and I cant wait to use it. 🙂


    I DIG that view. Sick angle for viddy. Nice and smoooooth. Just like butta. Thanks guyz.


    Those are some nice viddy shots! I always struggle with mine because it invariably involves hauling extra weight and bulkiness over very long distances, when not much time or effort can be wasted. Not to mention that my camera is a dinosaur, not exactly an HD-cam. Looks like you guys pretty much have it dialed though with the sled + camera. Good stuff.


    good stuff!

    way to utilize the sleds as a tool…hoping try that soon myself.

    affix snow

    Great angle!

    Did you just have the cam facing backwards as you picked your lines and had the rider follow you? Or are you just that good at riding blind?



    well done on the video editing. good linkup to the soundtrack. the best part of it was the sweet lines in the tree powder.


    very nice shastariffic,

    Is that near *arbl* Mtns? If so, I’m so jealous. Been wanting to get up to Boulder Peak in the spring.

    That terrain looks so sick.


    Hey Shastariffic thats too cool footage. I think I know the guys who sleded in there, saw them at BillyGoats on Wed night, they bailed on the mountain because of the wind scour went to Cliff and said it was sweet — guess you already knew that. Never done Cliff, would love to, Deadfall as well.

    Lemme know if you ever need help breaking trail. I’ll be headin to Castle either Sat or Sun, depending on the weather. Did several laps at Castle last weekend it was on fire but I was the sole splitter as far as I could tell, really wanted to share the stoke with someone.



    Hey shastariffic, how do you like that HC1? It’s a little slow on “boot-up”, isn’t it? I’ve missed a few shots because of that. I guess the near-film-quality makes up for it 🙂

    Good job on the helmet cam footage, it’s really smooth. I assume you were on skis? Whenever I helmet cam on a snowboard, I always get that side to side motion…


    We are currently recommending – not the cheapest, but the best packages, customer service, and lots of FAQ’s and How To’s on their site. There are other places that sell the cams cheaper – and for the most part all the cams people are selling are the same. “TV Lines” of resolution is the main factor involved – more = better picture.

    The cams we are filming with are not viosport – it’s hardware from The newer cams will have a better image. Keep in mind that I do lots of post processing on the footage. First we crank it through a motion stabilizer – that’s what makes it smooth! Next, we have to crop and zoom with some manual motion tracking in a video editor, which is where we lose some resolution.

    We’ll be strapping the Sony HC1 highh-def cam on the helmet soon! It’s going to totally change helmet cam’n!

    Yeah, you get used to carrying the extra weight. We climbed mount shasta this summer and I hauled that shit all the way up there – then we didn’t film!

    Yeah, the camera was facing backwards. Keep in mind that I’ve been practicing hcam’n for about 5 years – It’s a bit of trick. You learn to ride as a “filmer” – keep your head still, track your subject, etc. It’s fun when the footage turns out!

    Yeah, I think those big lines in the distance are out in the Marbles…

    Hey Shasta – family in town this weekend – might head up to Castle Sat aft or Sun morning. That “little dusting” we got Thurs dumped like 10+ inches of fluff on the mtn.

    We’re enjoying the HC1 right now. It’s a trick working with the HDV video format – getting the hang of it, basically 2 or 3 extra high processing steps are now part of our editing workflow. Need to get a faster box! I have not had too many issues with the turn on and shoot timeframes. In general though I’m not whipping the camera last second.

    Thanks for all the positive feedback!


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