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    Fassnor emailed me… finally. I think he’s in. :thatrocks:

    Looking good for me right now too. 😀

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    I’m in, and I have the projector covered. What’s this? Fassy in the house?? 🙂

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    hell, i could shuffle over to the Trestle for this!

    my employer would be honored to assist with our viewing no doubt.

    did I read snow in Tahoe?

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    Reminder: It’s this Sunday! See you there, gang.

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    Funny you should mention the Totaly boared series Jim. Last night I had an old VCR tape laying around with no label. I stuck it in , hit play and to my suprise it was the ORIGINAL. Man that was cool dayglow and all.

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    I think I have copies of both “Board with the World” and “Pure Juice” on VHS kicking around the house somewhere. Anyone with me on these?

    (Who am I kidding? I know exactly where they are.)

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    Still planning on being there, with projector…

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    Won’t be able to make it… 😥

    Have fun!

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    still planning on projecting me there… Matt, wassup. shall I pick you up on my way?

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    count me in…
    thanks for hosting bb!

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    @jimw wrote:

    Still planning on being there, with projector…

    Thanks Jim! I just picked up the projection screen and got the sound system lined up. Feel free to call if you get lost folks (801) 815 9835

    I think we’ll have a VCR as well as a laptop DVD, so feel free to bring the VHS.

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    Thanks to breadbox for hosting this great get-together! It was great to see some familiar faces and meet lots of new like-minded backcountry folks. I think by the end there were probably 20-25 people there. Maybe we can have another one when the snow finally starts flying here in CA (still looks like summer here in Santa Cruz).

    Here are some pics.

    Breadbox prepping Vietnamese food in the kitchen

    Out on the patio by the grill, the fassnor clan on the left, with Joel in a hurry to get somewhere

    Chillin by the grill

    Fassy demonstrating to his son how to open a bottle of Belgian beer

    The backyard movie viewing area. Pretty nice!

    Blurry shot watching videos. Breadbox is attempting to make smores for fassy’s kids.

    Just to keep it splitboard related, here’s breadbox with his new toy, a Burton 168 split that he practically stole at some super-secret Burton dealer sale he found out about. Stoked!

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    Thank you everyone who came and contributed, particularly Jim W for the projector, photos, and bringing Dave, as well as Fassnor and family and all the new faces. It got me way stoked for the upcoming season. We’ll have to do have another gathering at our ski lease in South Lake Tahoe when the snow flies! I’ll bring all the leftover beer that’s sitting lonely in a washtub in my backyard.

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    😥 I’m sad that I missed it. 😥

    Congrats, Breadbox on the new stick!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Looks like a great party. Can’t believe I missed out on the whole fassnor clan (aka “le Clan de Face Nord”)!

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    Thanks for having us over breadbox, good time!

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    Looks like a great time all! 8)

    My son and I had planned to come down but I didn’t realize until the last minute that is was scheduled for a Sunday (school night) not Saturday.

    We’ll be down for the winter version for sure. 🙂

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