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    First winter in a new zone is always interesting. took me a long time to get a feel for the zone.

    not much for words as the photos tell the story just as well.

    in reality is started off leaving the bridge river to head up to the columbia ice fields for a little mountain objectives.

    heading up Athabasca

    Andromeda catching the sun rise

    and then winter kicked in. the conditions on the Duffy were not so good through December. I spent most of my trips just reconning zones for future tips. had a couple good days though.

    the bike riding was good till about a week ago. though i think I can sneak a low elevation ride in this afternoon.


    things started to fill up by January though. had some nice deep days.

    got a great day in at the gorge with the poacher. sluffer showed up and soloed all day. the pocher and I dumped over the dark side for 2500m of pure face shots.


    then a little school trip took me back to the monashees. the Ratchford Range is unreal.

    I had a bit of old slide film sitting around for the last 5 years or so. so I burned what was in my camera and shot some borrowed film for the remainder of the trip. got the Slide Film Cross processed.

    A quick trip to the Selkirks. got some nice turns off lookout with 70cm of low density snow. the shit you just dont see in the duffy.

    and then the last run up to spring has seen a bunch of snow come with freezing levels down to valley bottom. things are getting filled in. I feel like I have a bead on this zone as so far as how to shred during high danger days.

    the poacher was just out for three day and I took one photo.

    not much time left till work season, but bring on spring. :guinness:

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    nice x-processing! this is my next film to go into my olympus trip 35

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    some of those shots turned out kind of cool.

    a couple more if you like. most are from 2007, developed in 2012!

    film is fun. wish I could afford to shoot it more.

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    Wheres the ”lifestyle Segment” dude? all that ill shit about the mountain being your canvas and stuff?

    good riding with you man :bananas:

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    yeah gav! :thumpsup:

    seeing you go from crawling around in the creek at the end of the day to leading the skin track on rogers run was pretty cool. wish we could have rode with you guys while at rogers pass.

    I’ve got fresh mud on bike, a pot of stew on the stove, a glass of wine beside me, school work on the lap top, two dogs sleeping in the corner, gas in the truck and a tour lined up for tomorrow. hows that for life style. 😆

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    thats awesome, great diversity, nice images…
    except the plantin shots kinda creep me out
    glad to see your tourin not plantin tomorro!

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
    atomic boots

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    Nice Stoke Taft… I think you posted more TR’s this year than last :thumpsup:

    Film shots are trippy as hell.

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