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    This was on some of the other forums, but surprised it hasn’t shown up here yet. A Tahoe local was killed in an avalanche on Maggies on Sunday. Very sad. 😥

    News article:

    Info on the Sierra Avalanche Center:

    Finally, I hope gimpy doesn’t mind this cross-post from TGR, but it’s very appropriate and heartfelt:

    @gimpy wrote:

    big thanx for all the kind words and for the pics of chris bcr. and also thanx to those who offerred their help w/ the search and sorry i didnt get back to u. i only had time to check the replies to my inquiry before i rolled out the door yesterday early am.

    i’ll give a lil report on what when down yesterday since the kiddies are still sleeping.

    my search partner (j.b. – 666’s mutual friend) and i rolled into vikingsholm just as some other friends were leaving so we jumped in their rig up to bayview. lots of standing around waiting going on before we arived until chris’ friends said copulate it and headed out. i’m not dissing SAR at all, its just kinda evident they were getting ready for a body recovery while all chris’ friends were still holding out in hope he was just hurt and holed up in a bivy somewhere. pretty much every hardcore s shore bc skier that could split outta work was there and is was plain as day that chris had a shitload of friends trying to find him. everyone had either a cell phone or radio so we all split up according to where we thought he would be.

    j and i had skied w/ chris there before so we checked where we thought he would be. i hadn’t skied w/ chris yet this year cause he had f’d up his knee and had only been skiing a couple weeks. no way did he ski the funnel/dogleg alone w/ his bum knee we thought so we kept to the n facing tree shots. we saw a lone set of 1 or 2 day old trax going into the eagle falls chute from north maggies and we almost went in it but we were afraid that there would be SAR lower in the chute searching and we had no way to contact them as they use some special cop frequency or sum such shit. then we got word they had found a hat and pole in the funnel/dogleg so we skied down to granite and hiked up to near the top of the chute to seach the dogleg choke. some folks were already in the chute being careful not to cause another secondary slide and we were about to downclimb into it when the SAR guy we had hooked up w/ had his radio squawk w/ the news we were hoping we wouldnt hear. the dogs had picked up a scent and he was found buried in the willows in a huge debris pile at the bottom of the runout.

    upon leaving the scene 2 sherriffs and another troller/friend who participates in those things all commented to me how incredible it was for so many people to show up and help and it really goes to show how tight our little bc ski community is here. they all said that this shot doesn’t really ever happen and it is representative of just how rad of a human chris was. he was that guy that you always say to yourself, man i gotta hang out w/ this guy more often. he was always high on life and positivity and was just out to charge hard at everyhting he did. after skiing mt locke w/ him last year and looking over from the summit we both got the inspiration to ski emerson this year and its just crushing to know it won’t be w/ him when i do hit it. he really was an incredible guy and a generous one as well as evidenced by anyone lucky enough to have access to a certain special gated in the winter rd accessing some of s shores raddest ski terrain.

    after the search everyone who had participated went to the cantina to drink and share stories of chris. while definately a sad time, the mood was more of a celebration of his life as laughs and hugs and smiles way outnumbered the tears as we all knew how chris would have wanted it. when conditions are stabilized, likely springtime, plans were made to all get together again to climb s maggies, spread some of chris’ ashes atop the summit , and then gangski the shit outta that line. and while i’ve always heard that line called the funnel chute or the dogleg couloir, it will now be known to the s shore bc skiers as treth’s chute.

    as someone said in the t-tips sierra thread “to have known chris was to have loved him” is right on the $$$$. he was a special person that will really be missed and w/ one last gift of his exuburant positivity i think he has helped to bring our little community a little closer together. and as i was driving back from emerald bay after the search i looked over at the lake and witnessed a huge bright rainbow under the cloud cover further proving that someone upstairs thought just as highly of chris as we all did. peace

    Sad times in Tahoe. My condolences to everyone who knew Chris.

    Careful out there. Seems to be some persistent weak layers deep in the snowpack this season.

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