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    I want to get an Avalung this year, but I can’t decide what model. I have several different BC packs (1800 – 3500) and use them all throughout the winter so I’m not sure that I want to be tied down to a certain pack because it has an Avalung. But at the same time it seems that people aren’t always happy with the sling version. What do you guys think pack or sling?


    The problem I found with the sling style is that I was always taking if off and putting it back on when changing layers.

    Before the packs were available, I tried strapping the sling version to the left shoulder strap of my existing pack. Zip ties and small straps worked well. The problem was that it made it hard to reach the loop to tighten the shoulder strap.

    Now I just leave it in the pack on the way up and only put in on when heading down.


    I’d go with the pack over the sling and personally I like the Covert design over the Anarchist.


    2 questions:

    1) Are you worried that the pack might be ripped off in a big slide?
    2) Are you worried about the tube in the shoulder strap? (I tend to be pretty rough on my gear?


    I think you are safe from a design standpoint with the BD pack interface and it possibly getting ripped off. I mean, if the avalanche is that violent that your pack gets ripped off, that probably means your arms got ripped off, your legs are mangled, and neck is broken.

    I went with the sling model myself. The BD packs just do not cater enough to snowboarding for my tastes. If you change layers often that could be a pain I suppose. The one time I had to change layers (remove basically) during a day I just stashed it with my coat on the pack. We weren’t skinning in avy terrain. I then put it back on with my jacket before our drop. Generally in Colorado, I find that I am not changing what I am wearing much. It’s too frickin’ cold. I might throw a down jacket over what I am wearing while standing around, and wearing the avalung under that is no problem.


    When the integrated packs came out I heard rumors of BD letting other pack manufactorers integrate the Avalung. Any knew news about that??


    I have the avalung anarchist and I must say that while in general it’s pretty nice, carrying a snowboard on it sucks monkey balls.

    Maybe the covert addresses it.


    @nothingmuch wrote:

    carrying a snowboard on it sucks monkey balls.

    Quote of the summer! 😆

    Nah, the Covert sucks just as bad. Sadly Black Diamond doesn’t give a shit about snowboarders. Luckily though, as splitboarders, the need to carry your board is generally pretty small.


    I have used both and for similar reasons I to thought the sling version was inconvienent while shedding and adding layers while the anarchist has become my favorite pack . I don’t know about sucking monkey balls but possibly buffalo shlong


    Maybe I need to try an avylung pack, but I really don’t have much of a problem with the sling. I would rather deal with that then have a shitty board carry. I frequently need to carry my board when traveling on the divide for a fair amount of distance.

    Just sayin’…


    Monkey balls…buffalo shlong. You guys are killin’ me. 😆


    Not going to second guess you at all but that pic is not a good example of needing to carry your board. Unless its just a real short section of the climb it looks totally skinable.

    This is more like it.

    Just sayin’. 🙂


    Are the BD packs lacking at carrying an assembled split, split split or both?


    I have the covert (small one, right?) and I have not carried my split in board mode, but I think it will work better in split mode on the two sides.

    Food for though, I saw a guy in the wasatch last season with a sling-style avalung shoe-horned into his non-BD pack. Some significant modification of the avalung was necessary, so this may not be a particularly good idea.



    Maybe not the best pic. You can see the grass and well most of the terrain we hiked over looked like this…

    Don’t ever question me again… 😆


    First photo by hikeforturns btw…


    In split mode it carries OK… Since the halves are kinda wide you can’t compress it as much as I would imagine you could with skis, but that’s a minor issue. You can put bicycle inner tubes sections on the compression straps to make this better.

    Board mode is what doesn’t work well.


    i always viewed the avalung as yet another heavy thing that i would have to drag up the hills.
    When i finally got kids the concept of surviving, if i wasnt broken in two, for 30min as opposed to 3min made up my mind. BC insurance policy.

    I bought the sling last year and it dont bother me none.
    It does get awkward with so much junk on the front of your body. I like to bring the big camera with me so with that and a avalung i look like a christmas tree decorated with BC gear.

    A good friend bought the big BD pack and the snowboard straps(if you can call it that) are wicked thin. I try not to carry the board too much any more but its nice to know that when i do it wont cut the cord mid season. Thing with the packs is too make sure to really pay attention to blowing the in/outake vent so that you dont fill it with snow when you sit down. Avalung trumpet orchestra.
    the sling doesnt have quite the same problem.

    Plus I think the BD fit just doesnt cut it compared to the fit of Osprey packs. Koalas and sheet.although i do think osprey is getting fat. some of their packs need to look back to their older brothers and go on a diet. the whole multiple-use dual pack and training water camel back thing is just too heavy. BD has a way of keeping true to duty and i love em for it.

    Anyone seen or tried the new Arcteryx Silo? looks like an improvement to the M30 as far as i can see.


    I bought the Anarchist pack last season and am not too thrilled with it, to the point I will probably be using my 10 year old K2 pack for most of my journeys this winter. The BD pack has several issues that drove me monkey balls! Yes, the snowboard carry is horrible – it requires using an extra strap, which can be lost or forgotten, as well as one set of compression straps, meaning stuff flops around. Not to mention the straps are thin and just look weak. It may work ok in split mode, but I haven’t tried. The side access opening is small, so unless you strategically place items you may need near the opening, you will have to get into the pack from the top. The shovel compartment with a ziper straight up the middle makes access difficult at times, particularly with a full pack. Most annoying is the way the pack rises above the shoulder straps, causing the back of my head to hit the pack anytime I look up (Like I normally do while going uphill), and I am 6’2. I still think the Avalung being integrated into a pack is the way to go, but not this pack, at least not for splitboarding.


    From what I have seen all packs are going small/thin on their staps. I have the osprey cerres 50 from 3 or 4 seasons ago. 3 straps about 2 inches wide with big plastic buckles. It works great. Everthing I look at today has 3/4 inch straps. Thats the size I like for my sleeping bag or mat, but not my board


    Sounds like I will be going with the sling version. Thanks for all the input

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