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    Hey Kids. It’s been a while since I posted, but I thought this one might be worth the while. I didn’t even make it out on this trip, but two of our Northern Utah crew did. One almost didn’t come home!

    My good friend Jennyfurrr got taken out by a small avalanche that slammed her into a couple of trees. Her husband (Gramps) got some some pretty good footy of it. Thought you all might want to check it out! Be safe out there everyone!


    Best wishes to Jennyfurr for a fast recovery after her slide and tree encounter. Thanks for sharing this Boardergirl and trying to keep us all alert.


    Wow she got jacked up! 😯

    As the video said, it could have been a lot worse. +++ healing vibes for a quick recovery Jen!

    Dang, that looked really painful…


    I hit a tree this year, broke my leg. Healing and then recovering strength and range of motion is a long road. Make sure to tell the doctors that you are not a normal person and demand more from your body. Especialy If their is going to be any surgery. Ask lots of questions about expected outcomes and if they can’t answer your concerns then find someone that can.

    Heal up fast, sharpen your chainsaw, find the trees, have a bond fire!(if legal):twisted:



    Remember you will always have a great support system through this site, it’s people and experiences.

    I hit an old growth this year going full speed. The impact left some skin on the tree. Got a goose egg on the head for 6 weeks. Couldn’t chew. Shoulder and knee had blood spots but no bruising. Guess all those years of cage fighting paid off. My goggles have perma sap stains. The impact was so hard that it knocked my gloves off. After that hit I was wondering where the shortbus stop was.


    OK so why is it that I only get a spinning grey thing and the video never loads? Any of you “tubers” know how to fix this? I have high speed, plenty of speed and ram, working on a windows pc. –


    TEX, man I hate to be the one who tells you this but Mumbles has ZERO IT intelligence and my cheezy laptop and wireless card lets me see this viddy. Someone with your horsepower should be able to see it. Have you checked if you can see other You Tube vids? Did you toggle your ONOFF setting to ON? Just joking, I have no freaking idea. Mine works.


    Geez, glad to hear she wasn’t banged up worse. I’m sure she’ll be back and ripping it up in no time.

    TEX you might check to make sure youtube video feeds aren’t being blocked by wherever it is you are checking from. For example, at work our genius IT department just “upgraded” the network, and blocked the port that youtube vids stream from. So I get the grey spinner. Works fine at home. The odd thing is, it seems that not all youtube vids use the same stream setup because occasionally one will work at the office.


    *yoiks* 😯

    Best wishes to your friend!


    I’m glad it wasn’t worse – she was really sliding fast down that slope. On the bright side, there can’t be toooo many powder days left for her to miss this season. Heal up fast Jennifurr!!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    Hey guys.

    Thanks for all the good vibes. Just a quick update. Jennyfurr is doing well. She’s pretty banged up and sore, but as always, she’s got a great attitude about everything. Hopefully bones heal quick-like. It’s almost time to get the mtn. bikes out!




    I feel for gramps too. Sometimes the mental part is tougher for our loved ones then the physical pain we feel. Bad enough to be at home worried, but to watch your loved one taking aslide like that, and tehn having to leave her for help. Glad everything is going ood. Best to both of them.


    A painful, but good reminder of how even the tamest little “incidents” can be “HUGE” in the back country. The smallest little slough or point release in the wrong place can really mess you up….

    Didn’t quite catch all the notes, but hope you guys have good insurance coverage… The only time I want to be paying for Heli time out of my pocket is for rides to the top of something, not to get me home….

    Heal up quick!

    Greg - NoKnees

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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