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    Hi,I’m looking for a probe,a snow shovel and an avalanche transceiver.The only thing that matters is to be the finest quality 3 of them.Any ideas?

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    I really like my Mammut Barryvox Pulse Beacon. 4 Seasons with no issues, although there was a Firmware upgrade that I had to get from a dealer’s shop.

    I don’t really care for my Mammut probe though. I would recommend a very long and fast to deploy probe, without a lot of flex.

    And as for shovels, get the biggest shovel you can carry! You partner will thank you if you ever need to use it!

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    I would consider the following for selecting Avalanche Gear?

    Beacons: Consider getting the beacons that both you and your BC touring partner will use. There plenty of good beacons on the market. See, A lot of Guides Services here ues the Tracker because ease of use.

    I and my wife have the Mammut Pulse too.

    Probe Pole:

    My preference is for an all aluminum avalanche probe such as the

    also see

    IMO I would not get the probe that fits in a shovel handle, because the one I had and returned was to flimsy! Nor would I bother with the avalanche Ski pole/probe. Get something that is strong and quick – no brainer to assemble.

    Shovel: Yes get the biggest aluminum Shovel (not plastic) you can yield, but also that will fit in your ski pack! I was politely told on a by our avalanche instructor for Avalanche 1 course; “that the shovel and probe must go in the pack and not strapped to the pack. Since then, I been on several more avalanche courses and seminars and have heard the the same from different guides and instructors; “”shovel and probe must go in the pack and not strapped to the pack” spoken to other avalanche students. So make sure the probe and shovel can fit in your ski pack’s snow safety pocket.

    I have the Voile T-6 Shovel with the snow saw inside the handle, great for me, but to big for my wife to yield. She as the BD Deploy Shovel 3, see

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    What they said.

    Also, I’d get as long a probe as I could find in a type that assembled in the way you find works well for you, at least 3m.

    And I prefer a D handle on my shovel – easier to grab and use in the frenzy of digging – vs. a T handle, but it’s all personal taste, I guess.

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    thank you all

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    G3 AviTECH shovel with a D Grip handle (Don’t bother with the SpadeTECH)
    G3 Speed Probe
    Barryvox Beacon

    All packed into a Deuter Freeride 30L pack.

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    Get a large metal shovel. Beacons prefs vary from person to person. Get a 3 antenna digital one. The Tracker 2 gets high marks, Jackson Hole and many other professional ski patrols use them. Ortovox S1 is nice, the 3+ looks easy to use… Check out a bunch, see what looks most intuitive to you. The thing about beacons is that the one you know how to use to find a buried partner the fastest is the best. It could be an old single antenna analog, or the newest slickest 3 antenna beacon. As long as you can find you buddy fast, that is what matters. So find one that looks the most intuitive to you. Check for lots of reviews.

    So, large metal shovel, long probe and a good beacon that you PRACTICE WITH!!! If you don’t know how to use it is just a piece of plastic with flashing lights that makes an annoying beep. You can practice with a buried beacon, or many ski areas have training parks. BCA usually sponsors them. google BCA beacon training park, or just check BCA’s website for more info.

    Bottom line, PRACTICE with whatever beacon you buy so if you must use it, you can do so effectively and quickly.

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