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    A local snowmobiler and his wife set out for an afternoon of low angle riding on March 4th 2012. Planning to stick to mellow terrain they left their avalanche rescue gear in the rig. As they pulled up to Hoyt Peak they met another group they knew and started climbing a steep east facing slope. Tyson was the sixth track on the slope when it broke above him. He tried to throttle off the slab but got thrown from his machine and held onto the bumper, getting completely buried in a slight terrain feature at the toe of the slide.

    Please enjoy this remarkable story.

    Thanks to all who helped make this video possible.

    You can find the complete accident report by the Utah Avalanche Center here:

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    scary shit

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    Damn these POV avalanche videos are gut wrenching.

    My wife was telling me about, I think, this exact video yesterday. Apparently it was on Entertainment Tonight news.

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    Dude is damn lucky. Leave your rescue gear behind because you are going to ride low angle stuff, then choose to ride in prime avalanche terrain because you ran into your buddies? Dumbass.

    Talk about ignoring best practices. Glad he is able to talk about it instead of filling a hole.

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    @Killclimbz wrote:


    Talk about ignoring best practices. .

    Heuristic traps. We’ve all fallen into them before. I know I have.

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