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    I’ve read a couple of his books, and it’s been a gateway to some really good thoughts/ideas.

    Has anyone else read this guys books?


    I read 2012: the return of quetzalcoatl and found it to be a fun read. A little over the top at times but always entertaining. What else of his is good??


    I’ve seen Daniel Pinchbeck give talks a couple times, he’s reaches pretty far with his concepts, to interesting and improbable corners. He really likes Terrance McKenna, who is even more psychedelically over the top – his memoir of Amazonian exploits is a pretty amazing read. Other favorites in a similar “spiritual entertainer/renegade philosopher” realm would include Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson, Slavoj Zizek.


    Sweeeeet! I knew there were some splitters out here who’d may have possibly read his works. A musician friend introduced me to his earlier book “breaking open the head” which was a catalyst for 2012.

    Chow- Daniel has more of a “zen” approach to his approach to “global consciousness” theories, and at times I thought about what thoughts he was trying to convey. There are some very applicable parts of his ideas…If you watch “2012 a time for change” (netflix) you’ll actually see where his 2012 book is another catalyst to how we can actually obtain a sort of “global consciousness” on very “where the rubber meets the road” approach.. a big instance is permaculture, and that has started me on a whole other set of interests.

    Another guy that applies quite a bit more “data” to theories Daniel talks about is David Wilcock… He talks a bit more about the “Pineal Gland” that Daniel talks about in “breaking open the head”… David makes a very strong case with Quantum Physics, DNA, and lots of scientific facts.

    Anyhoo….I could talk for hours on this. Any of you read “The Tao of Physics”?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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