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    Just a update linked to this thread.

    Schralptown will be showing at Brewvies in SLC November 16th (Tomorrow ❗ ) at 6:30 and 8.

    This movie has the most splitboard action I have seen in ski porn.

    Try to get out and see it, should be a good time.


    Unruly Baker
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    Just wanted to give a big thanks for everyone that showed up Thursday. It was a much better turnout than expected and the Thrillhead folks were very happy to see so many Utards show up. Between both shows there was roughly 180 folks, most at the later show. Big thanks to you all. 8)

    Sorry for the technical problems during the early show, Brewvies had the oldest DVD player known to man, luckily they upgraded prior to the later show.

    Thanks again and hopefully we get another flick from the Thrillhead boys next season. Feel free to drop them a line ( and give them heads up on what and where you would like to see some schralping next season. They are usually up for roadtrips to film and make turns in new places.


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    I enjoyed the show , to bad we didn’t get to watch the UT segment twice. THe thrillheads were very nice guys my buddy was a half hour late so let let him in for free and with the tchnical difficulty he was able to see the entire flick. My other buddy one a helmut so I felt compelled to by the dvd. Good luck thrillheads and keep up the good work

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    The Jackson show was sweeeeeet! What a great film, sweet message, and money going to avalanche centers. What else can you ask for? The Thrillhead boys got this film right. If you haven’t seen it and get a chance, it is a must. Glad I got the DVD…so many sweet lines schralped.

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    Nice, way to hold it down, Utards.

    Wyo, dont forget the soundtrack, it kicks considerable ass.

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    the film kicked ass. great footage, and good message. i loved how the film was not filled with the egos of the great skiers and riders. way to go, THC. ha ha ha. i just got it. ThrillHeadCreations. niiiice.

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