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    I had the chance to ride it a couple times and it’s not bad at all…

    Here what I liked:
    – Tour much better than a Voilé set-up
    – Feel awesome in deep snow and in tree runs
    – Lighter weight
    – ski down well!

    Here’s what I didn’t like:
    – The interface does get clutered with snow & ice
    – The crampon tool isn’t ergonomic at all; give some thing that’s hands friendly!
    – Heel riser/boards lock are so easy to loose
    – Poor performance on harder snow; you really feel the 2 skis (Note that I have a tendencie to ride very very hard…)

    I would say that it’s an impressive powder split. But if snow condition are variable, I rather ride my Voilé Mojo with Spark binding… much better all around, but not as sweet in powder!


    anybody have a picture of the ski mount portionof the interface?


    hey all. First time poster, long time lurker.

    I picked up last year’s 164cm a month or so ago in Steamboat via CL. I’ve yet to test it on snow, but have been monkeying around with it at home. Split/Snap is pretty easy and straightforward, but the possibility of losing small parts (i.e. the nose and tail clip) is very real…but you’d have to mess up big time to make it happen. It’s not like the clip springs off when you detach it.

    It’s not as easy to switch to skin mode from riding as Voile system, but its still a logical process that Atomic has managed to devise. The real test is how this all works on/in snow. I’ll have to pack it in and see just how difficult it is to get the bindings back on the posts for riding.

    The crampons are key to this, and I can see how the plastic clip box could break in some pretty cold conditions. I’m thinking of testing it out on snow this weekend… there’s new snow in the front range and I’m jonezing to play in it.

    I’ll post some pics later to give yinz a better idea.


    That interface looks a little too involved for me-

    tool dependent, moving parts, parts to be lost, etc.

    However- I love the idea of skis reversed from board. Feels like you could have move control over the ski tip shape (as a board designer), and get the great little swallow tail thing they have there.

    Also, just from looking at the pictures, it seems as if you might be able to be better positioned on the sidecut of the ski during touring, to help with turns during little descents, etc.

    my :twocents:


    This is the next gereration of Atomic splitboard Poacher.
    I cant see and feel it at GAP.

    The splithooks has in the new generation 1 pin and a other material – first withe – this time Black ( i think POM )
    The Clibbingbarwire hammer s on the deck – no chaning in the conzept.

    But the interface is not new – the topsheat is a jute layer and wood side wall s …
    the silverhole with the littel axe is a safty pin to hold the binding – in the skimodus – new snap over – i think tis is a nonsen :scratch:



    I saw one of these in The Backcountry up in Truckee last weekend. A couple things I noticed just playing with it in the shop. Sorry if this is old news but I didn’t feel like checking all the posts in the previous 7 pages first. 🙂

    – It appears that the highbacks are fixed in place. They don’t fold down, and you can’t adjust the forward lean on the fly. There are different mounting points that let you make adjustments, but those are via screws so probably not something you’re going to do in the field. Certainly not as friendly as the cube on the Sparks. That would be a deal breaker for me.

    – I don’t think the lack of a tip clip would be much of an issue. that’s because 1) the nose is really short, and 2) the thing is clamped together with their equivalent of the split hooks right at the contact point of the board. This is in contrast to a Voile-style split which normally has the split hooks slightly behind the contact point, and typically a longer nose. In that case, there’s a lot more room for the two halves to move independently if you don’t have a tip clip.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)
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