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    atomic binding: anyone using this clip style (using the crampon do hickery) who once used other type (voile), i’d like to know if its better/stronger or differences … many thanks.

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    Have you not seen the video of this brave sales rep’s struggle to switch over an atomic split with bare hands and indoors?


    this earlier one is the same story

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    Oh man, the first time I watched that video when SIA came through here I felt so embarrassed for that guy. As an engineer I think about the design process and how it seems that Atomic’s engineers seem completely disconnected from their customers and the conditions they face in the mountains.

    Imagine what would happen if while sitting at the top of a steep narrow chute you drop one of those clips that holds the board together, or the crampon tool. Then you gotta figure out a way to split ski down. 😯 Other than Jivestick, I don’t know anyone who’d want to attempt that. Just too many parts and way to cumbersome.

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    Interesting, hadn’t seen that before. While the innovation is always impressive, that shit looks pretty clunky :scratch:

    wild side
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    it would be a drag to loose the tool and be hooped wherever. white pine, have you brainstormed on a completely different set-up? i was playing with the idea of the spd similar to mtn biking.

    Kyle Miller
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    I tried the Poacher for the first time today and while I still need to put up a gear review I thought I would talk a little bit about it. It does suck to have to use the crampon but once you get the hang of it you can switch over pretty fast. The board itself has a very solid board feel with the bindings being flush with the board.

    My first run of the day was on fresh corduroy and I was cranking turns when all of a sudden my binding released. It could have been me not tightening it down enough because it wasn’t a issue for the rest of the day.

    I will admit I am not a fan of the heel risers, they can be a real pain to put on when the binding is covered in snow.

    In all I was pretty stoked on the overall performance.

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    Looks a little janky in the video for sure. I too am hoping for an improvement on the clip interface, I find the Voile system clunky and I wish they had a quick adjust to line them up easier. I don’t think this Atomic system has any merits really, except maybe the easier access to the climbing wires. Not for sure but they look like they can be actuated with just a pole tip.

    The cramp on’s all seem to be a pain, except Spark R&D. I was with a crew this last weekend that a few installed cramp on’s right from the parking lot. The approach was not that steep and the snow had some glide. I felt like they were only helpful on the 100m long side hill section we faced over a 5 mile approach. I’d much rather get some glide than have cramp on’s dragging in the snow….

    Point: cramp on’s should be easy to install by just raising your heel and snapping them on, the guy in the video was like asking for help on camera because they wouldn’t engage in on the show carpet, imagine on a windy ridge?

    Spark’s rule


    wild side
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    do you essentially need the crampon or can a leatherman flat head screwdriver or thelike, do the job. as for using the crampon, isn’t it just for very steep and icy sections or does it have to be on all the time. that would be a pain if so.
    i like the idea of it feeling solid during chatter sections/.

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    I have a poacher setup as here in the UK splits are hard to come by. At first I was wishing I had the voile but once you get the hang of it and you get into a routine I don’t think its an issue at all. The crampon tool idea isn’t the most refined but does work, I don’t think you could use a leatherman or similar though as there can sometimes be a lot of resistance when ice and snow builds up. The skin setup is ace on these though and in my eyes better than the voile. My only complaints with the setup are the bindings themselves, they don’t have enough adjustment on them but for the money, (less than half the price of the voile) its overall a great bit of kit!

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    It is cool that you can use the regular four hole pattern with the bindings, I wish you could do that with Voile so you could save yourself from drilling 8 holes in your board.

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