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    @VtVolk I’ve never had the chance to try the Travers but I imagine they are pretty similar to the backlands. When conditions are good or when riding powder I also never had any issues with the riding feel of hardboots. It’s rather when conditions are bad as in icy or chundery snow that I feel the difference to the more cushy softboots. So I guess the additional dampening on the highback is a welcome support for my old legs. As to opening them up completely, I personally could not ride in hard snow without highback support. ..but maybe that’s just missing technique 🙂

    @mcgo3 thanks for sharing your update on the mods, quite interesting! How do they feel on the way up? Although I did all of that on the TLT6 I am rather hesitant in cutting any slits or lowering the shell on the backlands, just because the backlands are already that much softer laterally (at least to me?!). This to the point where I see the difference in ankle support on more difficult approaches. Your boots look great for the way down, curious to hear how they perform when touring, also in more difficult (icy traverse as classic example) situations?


    good point, but I have no direct comparison with the TLT6. Compared with the unmodded version, the lateral support is a bit smaller but I imagine it improves quite a lot if I would reattach the upper buckle and close it at least for ascending. But so far, the modded Backlands are still stiff enough for me to do challenging traverses.

    Amplid Milligram 163, Tour Operator 159 & LabCarbon 162, Phantom Alphas 14/15, Atomic Backland w/ Phantom LinkLevers,


    How does one post an image here? After two years of tooling on my Backlands, I think I have finally achieved a level of perfection such that I can call them a finished product. If some one can explain how to post pics here, I’ll post a detailed write up. Thanks.



    I’d recommend uploading the pics to a shared Google photos or imgur album and then sharing the link. You are welcome to add to the one I created here: .

    Alternatively you can upload your images to (or similar) and put the image url inside of an “img” tag using the button at the top of the edit box. The actual tag will look like: <img src="" alt="my image link" />


    I’d recommend uploading the pics to a shared Google photos or imgur album and then sharing the link. You are welcome to add to the one I created here: .

    Alternatively you can upload your images to (or similar) and put the image url inside of an “img” tag using the button at the top of the edit box. The actual tag will look like: my image link

    Thanks dude, much appreciated.


    NOTE: This may be a duplicate post, though I can’t see the original.

    Okay, thanks to CB, all the mods I have made to my Backlands are viewable here:

    The first thing you will notice is that I obviously swapped the cuffs out completely. I’ll get to that in a second, but first I want to point to the other mods I made to the boot lowers. I cut away as much material as I felt I could get away with from the medial side, such that the plastic of the boot now sits completely below my malleolus. That freed up a lot of additional medial flex and made them much more comfortable for long skinning days.

    I also relocated the anchor point for the lower wire buckle. It now sits just above the buckle itself in the area of thicker plastic. This serves two purposes: it creates extra room for the foot in an area that doesn’t need to be tight for snowboarding, which makes the boot much more comfortable, and it now creates perfect ankle hold.

    I recommend these two mods for anyone who wants to run this boot. Even if you wish to take a conservative approach, these two mods will give a lot of bang for your buck.

    Moving on, after much pondering, I started looking around my local used sporting goods store for the right pair of old, cheap tele boots. I found a pair of old Garmonts that appear to be constructed from a high-density polyurethane (or something similar) for $40 bucks that were really soft and flexible, so I brought them home and cut/drilled them apart. I then cut the back of the cuffs into the shape I wanted, drilled new pivot holes, mounted the walk/ride lever (using heavier hardware for good measure) and mounted them to the boot lowers (again, I installed the pivots with heavier hardware). Finally, I drilled them and added an expert Booster strap to each one for tuning the forward flex and drilled holes in the highbacks to give them some extra lateral/medial flex and a more progressive rearward flex.

    I also modified the liners because they were total banana skins. I added butterfly pads to the back for additional heel hold and two layers of high-density boot foam to the upper portion of the tongue such that it added stiffness without encumbering my stride.

    I also cut the tongues out of the tele boots and cut two long slots into each one through which I run the booster straps. Between the Booster strap, the extra padding I added to the liner tongues, the tele boot tongues (which are really thin and flexible) and the stock cuff buckle and strap, I can now dial my forward flex in from as soft as the softest jib-oriented freestyle boots to that of a medium-stiff boot, like an Ion.

    Though they are obviously heavily frankensteined, my boots are now literally as comfortable as soft boots and ride just as well. Between the soft cuffs, the material I removed and the inherent flex of Phantoms, I have plenty of medial flex, and the forward flex is ample (more than most sofites) and totally progressive with no hard stop whatsoever.

    One thing that made me sad when I started cutting away material from the boot lower is that, in so doing, I vastly reduced the effectiveness of the fabric gaiter, which was a great feature. I get around this by stuffing the boot liners into a pair of Rab vapour barrier socks, which act as superior gaiters (due to the increased height). As an added bonus, they make the boots warmer, which is nice because I live in the Yukon and do all my touring in Alaska.

    If you have any questions, ask. I really think I’ve cracked the code on these boots now. I’ve ridden and toured in them extensively and they have held up, and they ride like a dream. I legitimately feel that I am not giving up anything in terms of ride quality now, whereas before the cuff swap, I definitely was even though I had made other modifications to the cuff (moved the levers for better forward lean angles, removed buckle and replaced it with Booster strap, cut down the back of the cuff).



    That is one seriously modifeied boot. Great work, interesting approach.

    More pics of what you did to the lowers would be cool.


    Alonzo you’re an animal! Thanks for experimenting! While your upper cuff mod is a bit out of my league I’m definitely interested in the lower stuff. Couple questions, when moving the cable anchor did you just put it in a spot where it had similar tension? You did not adjust the length, correct? I see you left some hardware in the old place for the anchor, is this for a reason? Did you use the stock hardware to relocate the anchor? I’ve Also been battling some pain on my malleolus (learned a new word today) so I’m very interested in cutting down that area so thanks for that encouragement as well.

    Iu hyu

    A few days ago I bought the Atomic Backland Ultimate boots, the white and orange ones.
    I think the Atomic Backland Ultimate is a really good boot for snowboarding because it has a lot of flex, specially lateral flex. I tried the Atomic Backland and the Backland Carbon and they have a lot less lateral flex. I tried the Scarpa F1 (a really comfortable boot) and Scarpa Alien and they have almost no lateral flexibility. I tried also the Salomon X-alp/Arterix Procltoine and there’s a lot of lateral flexibility in this boots, but I didn’t like the lower strap position and there’s no Phantom Link for them. I also tried the Dynafit Speedfit and they have no lateral flexibility and are heavier.
    To me lateral flexibility it’s really important when snowboarding, maybe because I’ve been surfing for almost all my life, and I have a really good feeling with this boots. In my opinion you can really drop the knee to the inside, as you can see in the picture:
    Following the advice from the Phantom guys, I size up. My real boot size is 28, and I bougth the 29/29,5 Atomic Backland Ultimate. I’m trying to sell the original liners which are really thin to get some money back 🙂 , because they are really like socks.
    Then I bought thick liners, the 28 size Dynafit Beast liners. I also tried the Dynafit Radical, but there wasn’t enough volume inside the boot to fit them.
    After the memoryfit process (boots and liners), the boots where comfortable but not perfect.
    I have big metatarsals (with sporadically Morton’s visits 🙁 ) and the 98mm narrow fit is not good for me. I went to a good professional boot fitter in Barcelona (Sasco esports) and now the internal metatarsal wide is 110mm. I’m now more comfortable with the AT boots than I’ve ever been with my snowboard boots Burton Tourist (even with a size up boot).
    I have ridden 8 days with the boots without modifications and the top strap with almost the less tension possible. I really like the ride. They are awesome with good snow, and acceptable with Pyreenes shitty hard snow .
    I’m thinking about changing the Backland Ultimate’s lower strap to the “frictionless pivot point” as some of you have done, but I don’t know if then the skinning mode gets worst. What do you think? Do you feel a big difference downhill with this strap modification?

    Any way, I’m f****** happy with my Ultimate’s and I can’t wait to try the Phantom link next season.

    I wouldn’t be so happy if it wasn’t for the Phantom Team and John Keffler patience and answers, and reading and reading again this forum.
    Thank you family!

    world is our playground. keep it clean.


    Thanks for the awesome info re carbons vs ultimate….

    Anyone else have any experience with the ultimate?

    I am thinking of fruit booting shortly and going full high spec phantoms etc and I can get carbons in Australia but not ultimates, so wondering if it’s worth the hassle importing from the states, sizing hassles etc.


    I’m thinking about changing the Backland Ultimate’s lower strap to the “frictionless pivot point” as some of you have done, but I don’t know if then the skinning mode gets worst. What do you think? Do you feel a big difference downhill with this strap modification?

    hey lu hyu,

    i can only talk from my personal experience but I’ve been quite happy with moving the lever to the pivot point on the backlands. Unlike with the classic TLT mod where you put both sides on the pivot, I decided to only move the lever to the pivot and leave the little cable guide piece where it is. With my lever/cable size this mod even was possible without any alterations as cable length was just enough to mount and leave some play for tightening adjustments. The cable position (angle) over the instep is almost the same as if fixation would be mounted on both pivot points. And to be honest, I had it on both pivot points on the TLT6 and it made for an uncomfortable feeling (at least for me / my feet) when doing steep steps or very long strides, as the cable was cutting into the instep section. I don’t have this problem at all now and do think that the mod helps out a little with heel hold while still providing tension on the forefoot.

    Edit: Realised only now that the Ultimate has a different shell buckle setup, so don’t know if my info is of much value to you.. I do know that I tried a setup once which had the forefoot completely loose without any buckle/cable and did not like it (don’t want to exchange heel-lift for toe-lift :)) but this depends a lot on personal preference it seems..


    hello lu hyu, I’m looking to put a 27.5 beast liner in a 28/28.5 ultimate shell, do you think it would fit inside? i can also use a 27 liner if needed, but thats a bit tighter than i’d prefer. thanks for all the info:)

    (btw, i asked the same question on one of your youtube vids, wasn’t sure what would reach you faster. theres a big discount on the liners at an online shop right now. but they only have 1 of each size left, so don’t want to miss out!)


    Hi everyone,

    I need some advices. I have 2 pressures point with my backlands (with link levers), especially on my right foot ; I’m regular.

    Mon image

    As you can see, it hurt me a bit 🙂

    Mon image

    It come from the green area. Has anyone experienced this before?
    I also feel a pressure point on the inner side of my tibias (blue area).

    All help is welcome.
    Thank you


    Hi @raoul .
    Funny I had the same problem with my boots and it took me 2 years to figure it out (DOH)..

    Can I ask is the pain from touring or riding.. ?

    For me it was from touring.. and I had the top buckle done up too tight.. they can actually be left loose (undone) for touring. They are designed that way. The pressure point is from the top cuff running over a rivet in the lower boot but this only happens when touring in walk mode.

    In ride mode I find I don’t need the top buckle done up so much either.

    Another things is I find the Atomic liners too thin and hard so I swiped out the liners for a pair of snowboard specific liners.. use the ones from my normal resort soft boot set up.. they have better heal hold too.

    They are now the perfect boot.. Whoop!

    Hope this helps.


    Same here, I had similar pressure on the inside of my ankle bone only in descending mode.

    Two things helped:

    1. Ditch the stock liners. I went with Intuition Pro Tour Liners, and they are WAY thicker and provide way more padding. They are expensive and well worth it, I’m guessing would remove the pressure on that blue area. Once I got them molded, this partially solved the problem, however I still had some pressure on my ankle bone. So then…

    2. I went had the same boot fitter that fitted my intuitions (Sturdevants in Bellevue, WA) and had them expand the plastic as much as possible where it curves in towards the ankle bone right above the pivot, essentially removing where the plastic was curving in on the lower cuff and causing pressure on the ankle bone. Right where your green circle is. There’s limited space to do this because how the upper cuff needs to pass over the lower cuff in move in walk mode, but they were able to expand/push out the lower cuff enough to completely remove ALL pressure on my inside ankle bones on both sides. They did this with a heat gun and ski boot cuff expander (different size cylindrical shaped things to hold the boot’s shape while it cooled down).

    Potentially narrowing your stance a bit and altering angles would also remove some of that pressure, but I went through 1 & 2 above because that was not an acceptable solution for me, as I wanted my stance to mirror my inbounds soft-boot stance angles and width!

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