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    After 20 years of home-made backcountry set-ups torturing my bones and related tissue (and watching the gear evolve), I’m going for a split/AT set-up.

    I want to get as light and tight as I can, but remain true to my miserly nature.

    I’ve always had problems with sloppy fit (low-volume, narrow heel, moderatly high arch). I bought some women’s TLT700’s, size 29 ($150 new – STP-yeah!), and they fit well out of the box, though my toe is pressing on the liner, and my forefoot is just comfortable, width-wise. The liner is the “component” type, with thermo-mold “areas”.

    I’m willing to spring for full thermo-mold, if they’d make a significant difference in fit and/or weight. Are there other brands that would work in a Dynafit shell? Can/should I go a size higher for the new liners?

    I haven’t molded these liners, in case I want to sell them. Is that something to worry about? Is there a reason I’d want to use them if I also had the new liners?

    Would it make sense to stand in bindings on board for the molding process? The various directions I’ve read are probably meant for skiers?

    I’ve gone to gel insoles in my shoes, boots, skates. I guess I need something with a better R-value, here. Suggestions? I’d like to try custom orthotics. Has anyone used the cheaper type (where you mail back an impression of your foot)?

    Lastly, any advice on how to take advantage of the removable spoiler and cant adjustment?

    Hope I haven’t run over too many old tracks. Thanks in advance! 😀

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    FYI, the Dynafit thermoliner is a great design — waterproof polyurethane tread for padding around camp, piece of velcro for holding the tongue closed, and generally has enough foam in the right places. They show up on eBay periodically for ~$60 and will lighten your boots by a pound or more.

    A cheaper alternative is the Intuition liners made by Morrow and sold by Trouble is, I do not think they have your size (11? 11.5?). They are $30 and you could *probably* stretch out a 10 to fit, but then again you could probably pay $30 more and get a Dynafit 29.0 liner.

    Having had thermoliners all last season, I would never want to ski/ride without them again. The difference is like night and day with stock liners.

    Sole makes footbeds that you can heat mold; Surefoot will fit you in-store for (???) $100 I think? Maybe it is more $$$ now that they are well known. They have an option to keep your mold on file so you can mail off and get new ones. Personally I have flat feet and a false joint (from crushing my foot under half a ton of wallboard) so for flexible soled footwear I like the Superfeet insoles, and for rigid footwear like AT boots, I find that the Downunders are better (they do not take up any of the precious midfoot space for my elephant feet with arch support that I don’t need).

    I previously had prescription orthotics (from the aforementioned foot crushing incident) and found that Superfeet approximated the design of my prescription insoles closely, for one tenth of the price. If your feet are really funny shaped it might be worth the additional money to have them custom molded (I know that Superfeet have a $100 cork option which would surely offer more insulation) but with a thermo liner I have trouble thinking of situations where you would need a lot of additional insulation.

    YMMV, hope this helps a little.


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    Thanks, Tim. I’ll take a look at those insoles. My feet get cold fast, so I’ll take all the insulation I can get. For that reason, also, I’d like to have as much room up front as performance will allow.

    On the subject of boots: Whatever happened to those K2 snowboard boots that were like hybrid soft/shell (Tracker Boa?)? By the time I found out about them, they were unavailable. I remember something about recalls for hardware…

    Does anyone actually make a boot for alpine snowboarders? After 25-30 years, the true mountain surfers still have to choose between overgrown basketball shoes, race boots, and ski touring boots.

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    There are actually snowboard specific hard boots manufactured, some are sold through the store here and a wider slection at the bomberindustries online store. Dont have any experience with them, but they are out there. As for the K2 half hard boot half soft, they do exist as I just found out. They were produced by a company called nitro and desighned to work with the K2 clicker system. They arent made any more 😥 but you can find them on E-bay from time to time, their are a couple pairs on there rite now ending in a day or so. Again no experience with them but they are out there. Hope this helps some.

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    Thanks, Barrett. I’ll see what I can accomplish with the Dynafits.

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