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    I was enjoying killclimbz trip report from Monarch Pass in Colorado, and I noted we had been out on the same day under similar conditions up here in the Monashees.

    This trip was a little unusual in that we had to drive to the top of the mountain and then snowboard down as there is no other easy way to the bottom so….

    At the summit, as you can see we had a skier along with us this trip;
    our snowboard racks work well for skis too.

    Kris cruis’n in nice new snow. Its rather ironic that here on the 2nd of April we are enjoying some of the best snow of the winter!

    Now its Andrew’s turn

    Note the tense concentration required to sucessfully make one’s way down the mountain using this rather awkward, outdated mode of locomotion. 😉

    and now, after a 10 minute run down we have to break our boards apart and start up, somehow it just didn’t feel right.


    I must say it was good having Andrew along to break trail, especially
    after we showed him how to widen the uptrack to fit our boards!

    Sometimes its just easier to carry everything – the last steep pitch onto the ridge.

    Easy going now…..

    you just have to watch out for the sledders.

    They are always curious as to just what it is we are doing, and why?

    Now we get to look back down at our tracks.
    Somehow it just isn’t as satisfying doing everything in reverse, didn’t really feel like we had earned our beer this time.
    But, we had always looked over the edge and wanted to do this run so now its done.

    A “stitched” image, I just wanted to see how it would look.

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    Wow, looks like tons of snow there. Excellent TR!

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