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    Recently moved to the Roaring Fork Valley from Crested Butte. Have enjoyed years of splitting on the other side of the same mountain range and am looking for experienced folks to discuss getting out in the bc with around here this season. Please shoot me a pm if you are interested in including a new to the area experienced rider in your bc crew. Interested in all points between Marble and Indy.

    Thanks :headbang:

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    Hi Meng! I can’t really help you, since I moved out of the valley 5 years ago. I had a hard time finding BC partners up there. Valley people are a strange bunch. They tend to stick to their inner circles and not let others in. I even tried striking up chairlift conversations with people I noticed using A/T equipment, and they were very reserved on disclosing their ‘stashes’. The best success I had was going to the avalanche center fundraising events to meet BC people. Friggen’ Aspen. The exclusive attitude just runs down from the rich to the common folk :scratch:

    Rico in AZ
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    There’s a usually fairly active Roaring Fork/A$$pen thread on TGR, try there and see how receptive those folks are.

    Best of luck in your new locale!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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