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    Jade Cecil


    I’m looking to pick up my first splitboard and received advice from a shop in Tahoe that Mervin splitboards were poor quality. He said that he purposely did not carry and Mervin splitboards because of the rocker/camber profile that wasn’t friendly for touring. He also said that they just cut their solid boards in half to make splits, as opposed to someone like Jones making each ski individually. Can anyone speak to Mervin splits in general?

    I’m specifically interested in the Roxy Banana Smoothie because it’s 50% off ($450). Will it’s profile be terrible for touring? Does its profile have any benefits?

    Here’s a picture of its profile.

    Thanks a bunch!


    Jade, that is complete hooey. I don’t ride Mervin stuff, but about not being able to skin and the construction of boards as separate halves like Jones said once is utter marketing nonsense. The profile is designed to distribute edge pressure on harder surfaces, so not sure why its on a split, but it will work, similar to the never summer boards.

    If I were to fault the board at all it’d be because the stance kinda looks like a twin, meaning your front foot looks pretty far forward for deep pow, but that is just a style thing and if you are used to that and leaning back more, no issue. Voile Revelator is one board I like better, lighter, but it is more $, but still affordable.

    I recommend full nylon skins over fancy mohair blend for max traction esp. as you start out.

    Jade Cecil

    Thanks, Scooby. I’ll be riding in the Tahoe area, we don’t get much of the deep light stuff.

    I’m still not sure what I should do. I need something that’s at least 155cm, but not too wide since I’m typically a women’s 7.5 boot, maybe a men’s 6.5. Any other recommendations? I’d like something that’s compatible with the Karakoram bindings (I picked up a pair of GNU co-lab ones on sale), easy to tour (day-trips, maybe a full-weekend for now), and a lot of fun to ride through trees, go off kickers, and any other natural jumps/drops.

    I’ve gotten it somewhat narrowed down to the Jones Solution (women’s) and the Roxy Banana Smoothie. I think the Roxy board might be heavier, but how much of an issue is that if I’m just doing this for fun? Wouldn’t a heavier board just earn me an extra beer at the end of the day 😉

    Thanks again for your help! I’m learning a lot navigating through the forums.


    for 425? get one while there hot and get out there! Eventually it will be your rock board should you decide to spend more later 🙂
    (I’d make you a 5 pound custom Preflex board over the summer for the same retail price of a Women’s Jones Solution if you are ever interested)


    I’d like something that’s compatible with the Karakoram bindings (I picked up a pair of GNU co-lab ones on sale)

    That part’s easy; unless you end up buying one of the really old Burton proprietary system ones used, everyone uses the same mounting pattern on factory splits. I guess I should say that I’ve never tried to mount Karakorams on a board with channels (some newer K2, Viole, and Burton), but from what I can tell it should be doable with a bit of modification to the t-nuts in the channels.


    i like full wrapped edges for tip durability, but i am known to get into thick deadfall areas

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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