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    New Arbor Crossbow w/ New Voile Split Kit – Pucks can be mounted at no extra charge

    On Ebay:

    Length: 166.0
    Effective Edge: 130.8
    Sidecut Radius: 9.6 / 8.7 / 9.6m
    Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 29.9 / 25.2 / 29.9
    Tip/Tail Length: 18.2 / 17.0
    Set Back: 2.0
    Stance Range (inches): 18.00 – 24.50″
    Suggested Rider Weight: 140-210 lbs

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    @monk151 wrote:

    $40 extra – fully adjustable manufactured splitboard pucks and inserts for a fully adjustable stance.

    Just curious, do you add T-nuts/inserts for conventional Voile pucks? or something else?


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    yes, I install t-nuts for the conventional voile manufactured splitboard pucks – which are included w/gaskets/alignment guide.

    ….but the wheels are turning for eventually putting together something else.

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    Damn. That’s really beautiful. You do nice work Monk.

    You think a Salomon Burner is splittable?

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    Thanks – this is a really slick-looking board – I don’t think the pictures do the topsheet justice. The smoked graphics are really cool in the right lighting.

    I’ve never seen the Burner in person – I was looking at them online and it looks as if the top has some contour. Do you know if it does, or if it’s the graphics that make it look this way?

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    Yeah, I think it steps down a little around the edge. I have an ’06 as my resort board. It’s nice and stiff, was thinking it would be a fun splitter. Probably won’t work due to the constructon.

    Not that I need to be tempted in any case…

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