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    Arbor sent us a couple boards to review this winter and the review went live last night!

    Early this season the good dudes at the Arbor Collective shipped a few Abacus splitboards east to Northwestern Vermont for a test drive during filming for the DTK video series. We were excited to tour a few miles on them as soon as they came out of the box; the beautiful wood finish, contrasting die-cut base colors, and floaty looking nose and tail outline, combined with Karakoram “K clips” and “whale clips,” made for a solid looking setup. After mounting up some pucks, dual heights, and Spark R&D LT brackets, the 156 and 160 were ready for some kick turns and knuckle-dragging in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and on the Gaspe Peninsula.

    The Abacus is palpably light in both ski and ride mode whether you are running a lightweight Spark setup with LT’s or stock Voile plates and stainless. The Karakoram “K clips” have the mechanical advantage to hold the interior edge of the board tighter than traditional ying yang clips can. They do make some additional clacking noise while skinning on icy terrain, but latch with a satisfying “snap” when converting. The tip and tail Karakoram whale clips didn’t pop or vibrate loose during descent, even on icy run outs and ice bulge billy-goating, no strings necessary.

    Read the rest of the review at

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